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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 17, 19 August 1993

Volume 29, Issue 17

19 August 1993

Large carrier-effect red shift in λ/4-shifted DFB lasers with in-phase complex grating
Repeaterless optical transmission at 10 Gbit/s via 182 km of standard singlemode fibre using a high power booster amplifier
High power neodymium-doped single transverse mode fibre laser
New results on the reconstruction of bandlimited signals from past samples
Point rainfall rate cumulative distribution function valid at various locations
Recursive coefficient computation for deriving filters from lowpass prototypes using rational transformations
Aperture coupled microstrip antenna for dual frequency operation
Combined hierarchical placement algorithm for row-based layouts
Novel interrogating system for fibre Bragg grating sensors using an acousto-optic tunable filter
Exact analytical solution for statistical characterisation of phase noise in envelope detection
Analytical model for variable partition duplexing
Simple expression for conversion gain of MESFET drain mixers
Reduced-size neural networks through singular value decomposition and subset selection
Broadband wavelength shifter for picosecond optical pulses at 1.5 μm
Theoretical analysis of BER improvement by adaptive transmitter power control for Rayleigh fading compensation
Inversion channel HFET with unity current gain frequency of 14 GHz and surface emitting laser from a single epitaxial growth
Photonic header replacement for packet switching
Very high modulation efficiency of ultftalow threshold current single quantum well InGaAs lasers
Fast adaptive predistortion lineariser using polynomial functions
Generation of transform-limited optical pulses up to 20 GHz from a monolithic electroabsorption modulator/DFB laser
Electric-monopole antenna using a dielectric ring resonator
Wave guidance and radiation from a hollow tube formed from frequency-selective surfaces
Effects of slow fading on the performance of a CDMA system
Waveshaping filters for spectral estimation of short segments of EEG signals
Dispersion characteristics of 3-D frequency-domain TLM
Submilliwatt optical bistability in a coated InGaAs/InP multiquantum well waveguide Fabry–Perot cavity
Efficient quasiphase-matched generation of parametric fluorescence in room temperature lithium niobate waveguides
Building BDDs with ordering-reshuffle strategy
Improved C(t) method for generation rate determination in implanted MOS structures
Characteristics of Brillouin gain based distributed temperature sensors
Calibration of 16-term error model
Sequential image coding based on multiresolution tree architecture
Systolic computation of the running min and max
High temperature photopumping of 1.55 μm vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Device performance of submicrometre MESFETs with LTG passivation
Suboptimum approach for adaptive clutter suppression in airborne phased array radar
Excitation of untilted edge slots by a suspended slotline
New approach to the exact design of LDI digital allpass networks having a follow-the-leader configuration
Optimal gradient descent learning for bidirectional associative memories
Extremely low noise InGaAs/InAIAs HEMT grown by MOCVD
Symmetry analysis of anisotropic waveguides
Performance of dynamic rate leaky bucket algorithm
Performance analysis of 1-persistent ICMA/CD with variable collision detection delay
Level, downhill and uphill walking identification using neural networks
Triple band microstrip patch antenna using a spur-line filter and a perturbation segment technique
Analytical drain current model for a-Si:H TFTs by simultaneously considering localised deep and tail states
Bandwidth limits due to polarisation multiplexed soliton interactions
Gate length electric parameter dependences of ultra-submicrometre δ-doped pseudomorphic HEMTs
Low frequency noise in p+-GaAs resistors
Improved structure for optimisation of focus and exposure for IC production
Model for location updating and handover rate estimation in mobile telecommunications
New wideband sigma-delta convertor
Single pulse Bragg gratings written during fibre drawing
High-temperature superconductive lumped-element microwave allpass sections
Extremely low loss 4×4 GaAs/AlGaAs optical matrix switch
Dynamic behaviour of radio channels due to trans-horizon propagation mechanisms
Common-multiplicand multiplication and its applications to public key cryptography
Coplanar waveguide radial line double stub and application to filter circuits
Improved hot-electron degradation n MOSFETs with elevated source and drain structures realised by selective epitaxial growth of silicon using silane only
New bandwidth extension technique for conformal microstrip antennas
Strict calculation of the light statistics at the output of a travelling wave optical amplifier
Erratum: Interpolative three-level block truncation coding algorithm

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