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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 16, 5 August 1993

Volume 29, Issue 16

5 August 1993

Reflected fields from twist reflector in twist reflector scanning antenna configuration
Efficient estimation of a normalised correlation function from discrete-time samples
S2I: a switched-current technique for high performance
High repetition rate CW fundamental soliton generation using multisoliton pulse compression in a varying dispersion fibre
Neural network architecture for solving nonlinear equation systems
Continuous TDEV calculation for in-situ synchronisation monitoring in SONET/SDH networks
Maximum likelihood decoding of RLL-FEC array codes on partial response channels
High gain millimetric negative resistance low noise amplifiers
Optimum parameter guidelines for 10 Gbit/s, multi-megametre transmission systems considering the nonlinear effect
Suboptimal method for time-space signal processing in airborne radar
Low divergence electrically pumped circular-grating surface-emitting DBR laser on an InGaAs/GaAs structure
New diffraction grating pair with very linear dispersion for laser pulse compression
DC and temperature dependent characteristics of InP double heterostructure bipolar transistors with quaternary collector
Integrated optical circular grating tap power divider
Design and measurement of a SAW three-phase unidirectional transducer reflector
Prefix synchronised RLL sequences: variable-length graph model
Amplification in Pr3+-doped fluorozirconate optical fibre at 632.8 nm
Cache vector quantisation algorithm in video compression
Design of a corrugated polarising main reflector
Tunable Pr3+-doped silica-based fibre laser
Dielectric body reconstruction with current modelling and Tikhonov regularisation
Superfast 1.55 μm DFB lasers
Radar measurements of reflectivity factor profiles in eastern central North America for interference applications
Low loss fused D fibre couplers
VLSI implementation of pulse activated synapses
New static storage scheme for analogue signals using four-state resonant-tunnelling devices
Passive modelocking of semiconductor lasers with tunable group velocity dispersion cavity
Design-for-test structure to facilitate test vector application with low performance loss in non-test mode
Analysis of skeleton junctions in 3×3 windows
Single-layer dual frequency patch antenna
Circuit modelling of multimode semiconductor lasers and study of pulse broadening effect
Universal AFC for use in optical DPSK systems
New clock-feedthrough compensation scheme for switched-current circuits
Heterodyne electrostatic force microscopy for non-contact high frequency integrated circuit measurement
Optical short pulse generation by double gate operation of tandem connected electroabsorption modulators driven by sinusoidal voltages
Optimisation of base-link in fully-implanted NPNs
Calculation of extraordinary refractive index change in proton-exchanged LiTaO3 waveguides
Class A and AB compact switched current memory circuits
Decision feedback differential detection of 16-DAPSK signals
Novel carry propagation in high-speed synchronous counters and dividers
Very-high-frequency CMOS analogue buffer
Forward error-correction codes in incoherent optical fibre CDMA networks
Electronic compass for blind or deaf-blind pedestrians
Enhanced distance measure for LSP-based speech recognition
Use of static field solutions in the FDTD method for the efficient treatment of curved metal surfaces
Modified sensitivity criterion for the design of powers-of-two FIR filters
New polarisation-insensitive and robust all-fibre-optic interferometer for FM to AM conversion in optical communication
Complex images for electrostatic problem in parallel-plate conducting structures and three conducting planes
Frequency offset estimation via planar extended Kalman filter
Straight-line soliton data transmissions over 2000 km at 20 Gbit/s and 1000 km at 40 Gbit/s using erbium-doped fibre amplifiers
Frequency domain equalisation of OFDM signals over frequency nonselective Rayleigh fading channels
Resonant-tee CPW oscillator and the application of the design to a monolithic array of MESFETs
Specifying adiabatic lasers for 2.5 Gbit/s, high dispersion IM/DD optical systemss
Optimal matching-score network with growth capability
Large area multitransverse-mode VCSELs for modal noise reduction in multimode fibre systems
Low-loss SAW IF filters with new unidirectional IDTs used in digital mobile radios
Three-dimensional optical interconnects by stacked ARROW waveguides
Dynamic link-line impedance selection in transmission line models of lumped electronic circuits
Room temperature continuous operation of blue-green laser diodes
Enhanced static performance of AlGaAs/GaAs HBTs by fluoride surface treatment
Generalisation in higher order neural networks
Bandwidth efficient multilevel block 8-PSK modulation code for Rician fading channels

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