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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 14, 8 July 1993

Volume 29, Issue 14

8 July 1993

Laser gain and current density in a disordered AlGaAs/GaAs quantum well
Mechanisms of enhanced UV photosensitivity via hydrogen loading in germanosilicate glasses
Singlemode surface emitting laser using partial mirror disordering
Min-net winner-take-all CMOS implementation
Convoluted raised-cosine and triangular-cosine (RCTC) modulation and its performance against timing jitter over noisy channels
Refractive index step and optical confinement in Ga0.86In0.14As0.13Sb0.87/Ga0.73Al0.87As0.02Sb0.98 double heterostructure lasers emitting at 2.2 μm
Plane wave injection technique to calculate RCS in a 2-D TLM network
Overcoming the effects of polishing induced stress when fabricating fused polished couplers
Incompleteness of the periodic moment method
Multikilohertz all-optical modulator in semiconductor doped glass channel waveguide
+20 dBm output power balanced optical amplifier module
Low threshold optical differential amplification using a fibre amplifier in a nonlinear ring resonator
Applying two-stage photonic crossconnects to time-division multiplexed switch networks
All-optical nonblocking M × M switchless connector with O(√M log M) wavelengths and without wavelength changers
1 W CW diffraction-limited tunable external-cavity semiconductor laser
Long-wavelength strained-layer InAs/GaInAs single-quantum-well laser grown by molecular beam epitaxy on InP substrate
Performance of generalised concatenated codes on fading channels
Multiplierless multilayer feedforward neural network design suitable for continuous input-output mapping
Analysis of threshold current density of CdZnSe/ZnSSe strained well lasers
All-solid-state diode-pumped modelocked Cr:LiSAF laser
Viscosity of F and GeO2 codoped silica glass
Fast skew number computation using a CAM and related hardware for an n-bit context predictor
Interpolative three-level block truncation coding algorithm
Novel optical circuit suitable for wavelength division bidirectional optical amplification
P-type InP grown at low temperatures by atomic layer molecular beam epitaxy (ALMBE)
Novel basis function for the equivalent magnetic current in the method of moments solution of dielectric scattering problems
Low coherence reflectometry using wavelength-tunable superfluorescent fibre source
Smooth aperture distribution synthesis for shaped beam reflector antennas
In-line singlemode fibre interferometer via concatenated biconical tapers
Multi-T signalling with coded CPFSK modulation
Novel method for designing digital allpass filters based on eigenvalue problem
Algorithmic measures for preventing middleperson attack in identification schemes
Accurate interpolation via the discrete W transform
Ratiometric temperature stable current reference
Very efficient VLSI implementation of CNN with discrete templates
Bounds and approximations for the bit error probability of convolutional codes
Acceleration of backpropagation learning using optimised learning rate and momentum
20 GHz bandwidth 1.5 μm wavelength VUG DFB laser using a zero net strain InxGa1−xAsyP1−y well active structure grown at constant y
Enhanced single photon fringe visibility in a 10 km-long prototype quantum cryptography channel
Proposal for an ultra-compact electron transfer modulator structure
1.7 Gbit/s transmission over 217 km using a 16×1 photonic integrated circuit transmitter
Novel technique for time resolving rare spectral events in DFB lasers
High frequency saturation measurements of an InGaAs/InP waveguide photodetector
Calculation of antenna mutual coupling from far radiated fields
Resonant tunnelling light-emitting diode as an optical switch
Reduced indium incorporation during the MBE growth of In(Al,Ga)As
Symbol and carrier phase synchronisation of MT-MFSK symbols
Reduction of measurement error in microwave reflectometers by minimum sensitivity calibration
Attenuation functions of microwave signals propagated through trees
Improved handwritten character recognition using second-order information from training set
Erratum: Periodic solutions of Toda lattice in loop nonlinear transmission line
Erratum: Multiorientation simultaneous computation of backprojection for tomographic image reconstruction
Erratum: New two dimensional transform
Erratum: End-fire TE221 mode of aperture coupled hemispherical dielectric resonator antenna
Erratum: Derivation of equivalent circuits for via holes from full wave models
Erratum: Digital transmission experiment with monolithic 4×4 InGaAsP/InP laser amplifier gate switch array

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