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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 13, 24 June 1993

Volume 29, Issue 13

24 June 1993

20 GHz transform-limited optical pulse generation and bit-error-free operation using a tunable, actively modelocked Er-doped fibre ring laser
Integrated lens with dielectric horn antenna
Precise realisation of current mode integrator using current conveyor
Monte Carlo simulation of a two-dimensional random rough surface using the sparse-matrix flat-surface iterative approach
Long-term charge storage in GaP pn junction capacitors
Automatic identification of voice band telephony coding schemes using neural networks
Thickness determination of poly-Si/poly-oxide/poly-Si/SiO2/Si structure by ellipsometer
Universal active current filters using single second-generation current conveyor
MESFET-like transferred-electron devices in In0.53Ga0.47As
Jakes fading model revisited
Wavelength-insensitive fused polished couplers
Input impedance of aperture coupled hemispherical dielectric resonator antenna
All-optical high speed demultiplexing with a semiconductor laser amplifier in a loop mirror configuration
Five-output optical power divider based on multichannel coupled waveguide structure
High I–V product LT-GaAs MISFET structure
New configuration of SAW resonator
3 Gbit/s two-level to 1.5 Gsymbol/s four-level convertor GaAs IC for two electrode semiconductor optical amplifier modulators
Geometrical optics model for millimetre-wave indoor radio propagation
Cancelling soliton interaction in singlemode optical fibres
39 GHz monolithic coplanar waveguide amplifier using doped channel HFET technology on InP
Packet reservation multiple access for wireless multimedia communications
Direct extraction of MOSFET dynamic thermal characteristics from standard transistor structures using small signal measurements
Fibre Bragg reflectors written at 262 nm using a frequency quadrupled diode-pumped Nd3+:YLF laser
Injection locking characteristics of semiconductor lasers in double phase conjugate mirror geometry
Ultrafast nonlinear refraction in an active MQW waveguide
Nonlinear hybrid waves guided by birefringent interfaces
Scheme for through-water transmission of sonar images
Calculation of conductor loss in coplanar waveguide using conformal mapping
High pressure H2 loading as a technique for achieving ultrahigh UV photosensitivity and thermal sensitivity in GeO2 doped optical fibres
Race-track fluxgate gradiometer
Efficient gain switching of laser diodes with quarter-wave impedance transformer
Forward link power control for cellular CDMA networks
Effects of Zn doping on modulation bandwidth of 1.55 μm InGaAs/InGaAsP multiquantum well DFB lasers
Variable coefficient absorbing boundary condition for TLM
Fast interpolation by FFT with greatly increased accuracy
10 Gbit/s operation of polarisation insensitive, strained InGaAsP/InGaAsP MQW electroabsorption modulator
Detection of 23 Gbit/s 4 bit optical cells using a new bit-rate down convertor
Analysis of DS/SSMA for indoor radio communication in a log-normal fading channel
Fuzzy competitive learning algorithm with decreasing fuzziness
Effect of polysilicon depletion on MOSFET I–V characteristics
Insensitive system matrix for pole calculations at z = ±1
Tunable prime-code encoder/decoder for all-optical CDMA applications
Enhanced multigeneration capability for digital HDTV tape recorders
Semianalytical evaluation of outage probability for pico- and microcellular mobile radio systems with correlated shadowing
Microwave pulse frequency modulator based on magnetostatic waves
Systolic array for recursive least squares by inverse updating
Impact of finite intermediate frequency on the performance of heterodyne ASK lightwave receivers
Outage probability in indoor TDMA cordless telecommunications
Fast CMOS nonbinary divider and counter
Measuring the intrinsic frequency response of a DFB laser diode using an all-fibre-connected optical modulation technique
Reduction of Gordon–Haus jitter by post-transmission dispersion compensation
Use of PVDF for opto-acoustic detection with the frequency modulated beam of an argon laser
All-optical high gain transistor action using second-order nonlinearities
Analysis of intermodulation distortion specification for radio LANs using multicarrier schemes
New decoding strategy for the 32-dimensional Barnes-Wall lattice
Erratum: Variable-time-step TLM algorithm: a unified approach

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