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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 12, 10 June 1993

Volume 29, Issue 12

10 June 1993

Radar jitter suppression by self-reference matched filter
Discrete iterative learning controller
Proposed composite material for nonreflecting shields and antenna radomes
Optically powered hybrid current measurement system
Deriving the linear depolarisation ratio of precipitation from copolar radar measurements
Time slot interchanging using semiconductor laser amplifiers
Thulium doped terbium sensitised CW fluoride fibre laser operating on the 1.47 μm transition
Comment: Simple method for determining 3-D TLM nodal scattering in nonscalar problems
Reply: Simple method for determining 3-D TLM nodal scattering in nonscalar problems
OTA-C realisation of general high-order transfer functions
AlGaAs/GaAs arrow waveguides
Novel miniaturised wideband baluns for MIC and MMIC applications
Fast algorithm for avoiding incidental cancellation problems in partially adaptive arrays
New numerical data on open-end and gap stripline discontinuities
Integrated 1.3 μm/1.55 μm wavelength multiplexer and 1/8 splitter by ion exchange in glass
Resonance frequency of elliptical microstrip antennas
Microwave operation of high power InGaP/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors
Excitation of transverse electric modes in axially extracted virtual cathode oscillator
Simple input control procedure for slotted ALOHA
Static frequency dividers for high operating speed (25 GHz, 170 mW) and low power consumption (16 GHz, 8 mW) in selective epitaxial Si bipolar technology
Uniaxial chiral quarter-wave polarisation transformer
100 Gbit/s, 50 km, and nonrepeated optical transmission employing all-optical multi/demultiplexing and PLL timing extraction
Bandpass filtering effect in tapered asymmetrical twin-core optical fibres
Method for crosscorrelating images in the presence of geometric distortion
Sidegating effect of GaAs MESFETs in carbon doped GaAs substrate
Supervisory signal transmission experiments over 10 000 km by modulated ASE of EDFAs
Digital transmission experiment with monolithic 4 × 4 InGaAsp/InP laser amplifier gate switch array
M3I net: demonstration of an HD-WDM optical information-distribution network with interactive audio/video- channel using a two-electrode DFB LD as a multifunction optical transceiver
Microwave injection-locked oscillator subharmonic locking bandwidth enhancement using multifeedback technique
Strained-InGaAsP MQW electroabsorption modulator integrated DFB laser
Dual frequency all fibre grating laser source
Broad range wavelength switching in superstructure grating distributed Bragg reflector lasers
Adaptive radial basis function diversity combiner for multipath channels
Speech enhancement employing spectral subtraction and linear predictive analysis
Receiver structure for simultaneous reception of two BPSK modulated cochannel signals
Recovery of submicrometre pMOSFETs from hot carrier degradation by high field injection
Use of subcarrier multiplexed acknowledgment tones for contention recovery in WDMA networks
Monolithically integrated HBT/MESFET circuit
Finite element analysis of electromagnetic scattering by complex bodies using an efficient numerical boundary condition for mesh truncation
Convolutional codes over GF(4) for 4-ary distance-invariant CPFSK signalling
Transmission at 2.5 Gbit/s over 654 km using an erbium-doped fibre grating laser source
Linearity improvement of CMOS transconductors for low supply applications
New 5B/6T code for data transmission on unshielded twisted pair cable
Nonlinear delayed N-path adaptive IIR digital filter for nonlinear system modelling
Modelocked Er:Ti:LiNbO3-waveguide laser
Gain control in erbium-doped fibre amplifiers by lasing at 1480 nm with photoinduced Bragg gratings written on fibre ends
Low-complexity trellis decoding of Hamming codes
Effect of gate structures on noise characteristics of 0.15 μm AlGaAs/InGaAs pseudomorphic HEMTs
Efficiency enlargement of surface acoustic wave elastic convolver by emphasising nonlinear piezoelectric effect
High gain 70–80 GHz MMIC amplifiers in coplanar waveguide technology
New digital signature scheme based on discrete logarithm
Optimum planar bends
High refractive index difference and low loss optical waveguide fabricated by low temperature processes
Influence of series resistance on modulation responses of DFB lasers
Modified circular patch antenna
Effects of measurement sample averaging on performance of GSM handover algorithm
Simulation of kink behaviour in GaAs MESFET with semi-insulating substrate
Lifetime limited ultrafast response of metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors on InGaAs/GaAs-on-GaAs superlattices
Extremely smooth sidewalls for GaAs/AlGaAs ridge waveguides
Monolithic GaAs/AlGaAs pin MESFET photoreceiver using a single molecular beam epitaxy growth step
Quantum well AlGaAs/GaAs monolithic colliding pulse modrlocked laser
Optimised synthesis of shaped line-source antenna beams
Wear-out failure mechanism in fused-fibre couplers
Shallow p-type ohmic contact to Ga0.47In0.53As using Au/Ti/Mn/W
Fast algorithm encoding for full-search VQ encoding
Importance of feedback gain in adaptive IIR digital filtering
CMOS Hamming net with digital decoding capability and memory
Simple rail-to-rail low-voltage constant-transconductance CMOS input stage in weak inversion
Spatial active optical switching by using grating coupled surface emitting DFB lasers
Erratum: Block truncation coding using Hopfield neural network
Erratum: New form of delayed N-path recursive digital filters

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