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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 11, 27 May 1993

Volume 29, Issue 11

27 May 1993

Fourth-order two-stage delta–sigma modulator using both 1 bit and multibit quantisers
Novel cell architecture for high performance digit-serial computation
Novel interpolative vector quantisation technique for image coding
Performance analysis of FDDI network under frequent bidding requirements
Profiled current drive for pulsed bipolar transistor switching
Direct optical injection locking of monolithically integrated In0.53Ga0.47As/In0.52Al0.48As MODFET oscillators
Algorithm for binary word recognition suited to ultrafast nonlinear optics
Determination of trapped oxide charge in flash-type EEPROMs with heavily oxynitrided tunnel oxide films
New two dimensional transform
25 Gbit/s selector module using 0.2 μm GaAs MESFET technology
Alignable liftoff transfer of device arrays via a single polymeric carrier membrane
New form of realisation of IIR switched-capacitor decimators
Improved Prabhu upper bound for PAM systems with noise and interference
Modelling of a chaotic circuit containing a saturating/hysteretic inductor
Novel output stage for DC gain enhancement of opamp and OTA
Anisotropic active resistor MESHES for implementing image processing operators
High C-doped base InGaP/GaAs HBTs with improved characteristics grown by MOCVD
Artificial visual orientation map implemented as an inhomogeneous active resistor mesh
Multi-element Bragg-grating based fibre-laser strain sensor
Integrating a key distribution procedure into the digital signature standard
Temperature compensated 1 GHz STW based multifrequency oscillator
Electric-field and magnetic-field sensors
Radiation effects on a lithium tantalate optical waveguide structure
Novel class of digital integrators and differentiators
10 Gbit/s transmission experiment over 165 km of dispersive fibre using ASK-FSK modulation and direct detection
Optical frequency measurement for multichannel networks using sum-frequency generation in multilayer waveguides
Temperature non-uniformity in distributed temperature sensors
Variable-time-step TLM algorithm: a unified approach
Novel method to suppress noise in harmonically modelocked erbium fibre lasers
End-fire TE221 mode of aperture coupled hemispherical dielectric resonator antenna
High-efficiency operation of AlGaAs/GaAs power heterojunction bipolar transistors at low collector supply voltage
Dry etching of via connections for InP power devices
1.9 μm Tm-doped fluoride fibre amplifier and laser pumped at 1.58 μm
Group velocity dispersion measurement using supercontinuum picosecond pulses generated in an optical fibre
Generalised villeneuve distributions and various definitions of root-mean-square sidelobe levels
Transmission of a true single polarisation 40 Gbit/s soliton data signal over 205 km using a stabilised erbium fibre ring laser and 40 GHz electronic timing recovery
WDM receiver with integrated optical preamplifier, aspheric lens and grating filter
Magneto-optic magnetic field sensor with 1.4 pT/√(Hz) minimum detectable field at 1 kHz
Practical RSA trapdoor
Pump power dependence of anomalous time delay in Er3+-doped optical fibres
Experimental investigation of subthreshold transverse laser modes
TLM stub-link conversion technique
Fully-fledged two-way public key authentication and key agreement for low-cost terminals
Reply: ‘Nonexistence of certain perfect binary arrays’ and ‘Nonexistence of perfect binary arrays’
Optical short pulse generation and data modulation by a single-chip InGaAsP tandem-integrated electroabsorption modulator (TEAM)
Active stabilisation of singlemode operation in a fibre laser
Nonreflective high-Tc superconductor modulator
Room temperature operation of ultrashort wavelength (619 nm) AlGaInP/GaInP tensile strained quantum well lasers
High-duty cycle, high-power two-dimensional laser diode arrays
High-power operation of 630 nm-band tensile strained multiquantum-well AlGaInP laser diodes with a multiquantum barrier
Comparison of Al and TiPtAu metallisations on a GaAs MESFET with GeMoW ohmic contacts
Optical short pulse generation at high repetition rate over 80 GHz from a monolithic passively modelocked DBR laser diode
Effective thermal conductivity analysis of 1.55 μm InGaAsP/InP vertical-cavity top-surface-emitting microlasers
Field strength prediction behind lossy dielectric obstacles by using the UTD
Novel switched-capacitor pseudo-N-path filter
Reduction of dark current in photodiodes by the use of a resonant cavity
Analysis of aperture-coupled circular microstrip antenna
Comment: Complete characterisation of laser diode thermal circuit by voltage transient measurements
Reply: Complete characterisation of laser diode thermal circuit by voltage transient measurements
New soft recovery driver for continuous conduction mode
Wavelength flattened saturated erbium amplifier using multiple side-tap Bragg gratings
Derivation of equivalent circuits for via holes from full wave models
Bistable field effect transistor (BISFET): a novel heterostructure device
Image compression based on quadtree segmentation and artificial neural networks
Solution of Welch-Berlekamp key equation by Euclidean algorithm
Fibre optic magnetometer system for undersea applications
Analysis of cylindrical edge-slot antenna with coaxial feed
New prefilter structure for designing FIR filters
Explicit C-continuous and general model for nMOSFETs
Minimum spanning tree generation with content-addressable memory
Single-fibre polarisation and spatial-mode interchanger
Erratum: Broadly tunable InGaAsP/InP vertical-coupler filtered laser with low tuning current

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