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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 10, 13 May 1993

Volume 29, Issue 10

13 May 1993

Fast converging LMS equaliser
Electrically injected visible (639–661 nm) vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Coherent photon seeding of actively modelocked laser diodes with optical fibre cavities
Bessel function analysis of harmonic distortion in semiconductor lasers
Phase modulated active antenna
Leaky NRD guide fed microwave planar antenna
Calculation of optimum spacing for a three coil axially symmetric metal detector
High compression vector quantisation scheme for image coding
0.5 μm gate length InP/In0.75 Ga0.25As/InP pseudomorphic HEMT with high DC and RF performance
Depth profiling by phase shift detection in scanning electron-acoustic microscopy
Dipole radiation in uniaxial bianisotropic medium
30 GHz pulse train generation from a multiquantum well electroabsorption intensity modulator
Finite element analysis of electromagnetic scattering from periodic cylindrical structures at oblique incidence
Polarisation optical time domain reflectometry for statistical evaluation of polarisation mode dispersion
InP/InGaAs double heterojunction bipolar transistors incorporating carbon-doped bases and superlattice graded base-collector junctions
Very broadband distributed amplifier to 75 GHz
Electromagnetic scattering from a dielectric coated cylinder using OSRC–GMT
Wide spectrum single quantum well superluminescent diodes at 0.8 μm with bent optical waveguide
Quadratic phase interpolation for voiced speech synthesis in MBE model
High speed performance of 1.5 μm compressive-strained multiquantum-well gain-coupled distributed-feedback lasers
DFB laser monolithically integrated with an absorption modulator with low residual reflectance and small chirp
Ultrashort pulses in diffraction-limited beam from diode laser arrays with external cavity
More than 100-wavelength-channel picosecond optical pulse generation from single laser source using supercontinuum in optical fibres
Coherent bidirectional communication experiment with internally bypassed star coupler in presence of Rayleigh backscattering
Results of L-band satellite experiments for personal communications systems
Matched load simulation for multiport microstrip structures
High speed selfaligned GaInP/GaAs HBBTs
Planar antenna excited by electromagnetically coupled coplanar waveguide
Self-clocking scheme for bit synchronisation in ultrafast packet switching transparent optical networks
Ultralow laser threshold and high speed InGaAs-GaAs-InGaP buried heterostructure strained quantum well lasers for optical interconnects
Wideband package using an electromagnetic absorber
CMOS driver for 50 Ω load
Ohmic contacts to p-type ZnSe using ZnTe/ZnSe multiquantum wells
Ultrahigh Q-factor cryogenic sapphire resonator
Coherent detection of very narrow linewidth millimetre-wave and microwave signals
Finite curved frequency selective surfaces
Novel recursive algorithm and highly compact semisystolic architecture for high throughput computation of 2-D DHT
High performance wideband analogue time shifter
Improving the performance of the quadtree-based image approximation via the generalised DCT
Application of the finite integration technique to the problem of whispering-gallery modes
InAsSb light emitting diodes and their applications to infra-red gas sensors
Fast blind equalisation based on a bayesian decision feedback equaliser
New pseudorandom code reading method applied to position encoders
Self-starting femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser with intracavity multiquantum well absorber
Displacement sensor using channelled spectrum dispersed on a linear CCD array
Digital costas loop-like PLL for the carrier recovery of a QPSK signal
Optical CPFSK receiver with BER < 10−9: Monte Carlo simulation and experiment
Use of second order absorbing boundary conditions for the termination of planar waveguides in the FDTD method
1.6 ps pulse generation from a 1.3 μm Pr3+-doped fluoride fibre laser
Stability of highly Be-doped GaAs/GaInP HBTs grown by chemical beam epitaxy
Wavelength-division-multiplexing add/drop multiplexer employing a novel polarisation independent acousto-optic tunable filter
Enumeration techniques for best N-phase codes
CMOS current mode winner-take-all circuit with both excitatory and inhibitory feedback
Demonstration, using sliding-frequency guiding filters, of error-free soliton transmission over more than 20 Mm at 10 Gbit/s, single channel, and over more than 13 Mm at 20 Gbit/s in a two-channel WDM
Transparent switching node for optical frequency division multiplexed signals
Near room temperature continuous wave lasing characteristics of GaInAsP/InP surface emitting laser
Accuracy evaluation in ultrasonic-Doppler-based measurement of small vibrations for acoustical diagnosis of the aortic wall
Cross-shaped patch with etched bars for dual polarisation
Optimised proton implantation step for vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Four-port multimode interconnectable star coupler
High power 0.98 μm InGaAs-GaAs-InGaP distributed feedback buried heterostructure strained quantum well lasers
On-line respiratory artefact removal in rheopneumographic measurement via an adaptive moving average method
Best quadriphase codes up to length 24
Current-mode N-port adaptors for wave SI filters
Liquid crystal microwave phase shifter
Reducing the complexity and storage of CELP speech coding using a self-orthogonal codebook
Four channel multiwavelength source with individually addressable elements
New method for extracting collector series resistance of bipolar transistors
28–51 GHz dynamic frequency divider based on 0.15 μm T-gate Al0.2Ga0.8As/In0.25Ga0.75As MODFETs
Erratum: Novel digital integrator and differentiator

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