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Electronics Letters

Volume 28, Issue 9, 23 April 1992

Volume 28, Issue 9

23 April 1992

MOS circuit for nonlinear Hebbian learning
Node synchronisation for high rate convolutional codes
Performance potential of silicon bipolar transistors
Inband noise cancelling in FM systems: the white noise case
New robust threshold setting method for frequency-hopping acquisition
10 Gbit/s, 1200 km error-free soliton data transmission using erbium-doped fibre amplifiers
10 Gbit/s timing recovery circuit using dielectric resonator and active bandpass filters
Current-mode divide-by-two circuit
ECR plasma etching of chemically vapour deposited diamond thin films
1.5 μm compressive-strained multiquantum-well 20-wavelength distributed-feedback laser arrays
40 GHz, low half-wave voltage Ti:LiNbO3 intensity modulator
Passive filter for increasing directivity in dual polarisation antenna systems
Submilliamp threshold current (0.62 mA at 0°C) and high output power (220 mW) 1.5 μm tensile strained InGaAs single quantum well lasers
Efficient upconversion pumping at 1.064 μm of Tm3+ -doped fluoride fibre laser operating around 1.47 μm
High speed non-selfaligned InP/InGaAs Npn heterojunction bipolar transistor grown by low pressure metal organic vapour phase epitaxy
Perfect q-ary sequences from multiplicative characters over GF (p)
Gate-induced drain leakage current degradation and its time dependence during channel hot-electron stress in n-MOSFETs
Visible light-emitting diodes consisting of AlP–GaP short-period superlattices
Parallel contention resolution control for input queueing ATM switches
Performance analysis of microcellular mobile radio systems with shadowed cochannel interferers
Design of ridge waveguide couplers with carrier injection using discrete spectral index method
Genetic tuning of digital PID controllers
Low-temperature MBE-grown In0.52Ga0.18Al0.30As/InP optical waveguides
Effects of carrier transport on relative intensity noise and critique of K factor predictions of modulation response
Effect of imperfect power control on cellular code division multiple access system
Frequency stabilisation of monomode semiconductor lasers to birefringent resonators
Strained single quantum well (SSQW) GaInP/AlInP visible lasers fabricated by novel shutter control method in gas source molecular beam epitaxy
InGaAsP/InP quantum well buried heterostructure waveguides produced by ion implantation
Estimated-queue expanded bus (EQEB) protocol for single-hop multichannel lightwave networks
Fused polished polarisation-maintaining fibre couplers
Buried channel heterojunction field-effect transistor (BCHFET)
Stable 30mW operation at 50°C for strained MQW AlGaInP visible laser diodes
Generalised stop-and-wait protocol
Novel fast GPS/GLONASS code-acquisition technique using low update rate FFT
Extended trench-gate power UMOSFET structure with ultralow specific on-resistance
Image interpolation by analogue circuit
Gradually-on structure for scan design
Efficient implementation of Gabor transforms for image compression
High-speed hybrid current-mode sense amplifier for CMOS SRAMs
Resonance frequency behaviour of microstrip resonators for thin film overlays
Four wave mixing in distributed erbium-doped fibre amplifier
Computer-generated waveguide holograms by double-ion exchange process in glass
Effect of launch power and polarisation on four-wave mixing in multichannel coherent optical transmission system
Improvements to synthesis of waveguide horns
Polarisation mode dispersion measurements in 1520 km EDFA system
Asymmetric far-field patterns emitted by symmetrically pumped twin-stripe lasers in crosscoupled-mode operation
Linear and nonlinear intersub-band optical absorption in diffusion-induced AlGaAs/GaAs quantum well at far IR wavelengths
Composite algorithms for adaptive IIR filtering
Modified exponential bidirectional associative memories
Security of Xinmei digital signature scheme
Low distortion up to 2 GHz in 1.55 μm multiquantum well distributed-feedback laser
Hénon stream cipher
Erratum: Error performance of differentially-detected MSK in small delay-spread Rayleigh channel
Erratum: Single element-controlled sinusoidal oscillator employing single current conveyor IC
Erratum: MOS circuit for nonlinear Hebbian learning
Erratum: Strained InGaAsP multiquantum wells for optical electroabsorption waveguide modulators
Erratum: Remote gas sensing with mid-infra-red hollow waveguide

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