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Electronics Letters

Volume 28, Issue 8, 9 April 1992

Volume 28, Issue 8

9 April 1992

Novel geodesic splitting on paraboloid of revolution with applications to ray-theoretic analysis
Monolithic integration of GaAs-waveguide optical intensity modulator with MESFET drive electronics
Classification of radar signals in modulation domain
Strained InGaAs quantum well lasers grown on (111)B GaAs
Low noise, high efficiency GaAs IMPATT diodes at 30 GHz
Inverted gate GaAs MESFET by epitaxial liftoff
Linear complexity of a type of clock-controlled sequence
Performance evaluation of FDDI under asymmetric traffic conditions
Integrated laser and add-drop optical multiplexer for narrowband wavelength division multiplexing
High finesse, thin active layer, multiquantum well optical bistable device
Optoelectronic adaptive neuro-device
Spontaneous emission efficiency of compressively strained 1.5 μm MQW lasers
ROM-based special purpose multiplication and its applications
Neural network synthesiser of pause duration for Mandarin text-to-speech
LiNbO3 waveguide SHG device with ferroelectric-domain-inverted grating formed by electron-beam scanning
Digit-pipelined on-chip clique-finding VLSI processor for real-time 3-D object recognition
Empirical prediction of radiowave propagation by neural network simulator
Filter banks with rational decimation and interpolation rates
New wire interface for graded 3-D TLM
Reducing multipath tracking errors in spread-spectrum ranging systems
Observation of photodetector nonlinearities
New method for determining emitter resistance
Cascadability of optically latching vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
Bit decision table for hypercube decomposition
All-optical synchronisation with frequency division using selfpulsating laser diode
4–40 GHz MMIC distributed active combiner with 3 dB gain
Proposal and realisation of new type distributed reflector (DR) laser with multiquantum-well structure
High speed, current conveyor based voltage mode operational amplifier
Dependence of radiation induced damage on gate oxide thickness in MOS capacitors with ultrathin gate oxides
Composite rare-earth-doped glass waveguides
Wide-wavelength and low-dark-current lattice-mismatched GaInAs photodiodes
Codirectional grating-coupled filter for wavelength selective photodetection
Use of oversampled Σ-Δ modulator for analogue adaptive FIR filters based on LMS algorithm
Direct synthesis of near-optimum difference patterns for planar arrays
Neuron model with potential applications in pulse-stream neural nets
Interaction of cobalt and field oxide during low temperature furnace annealing
Nonlinear continuous-phase frequency shift keying
Error and variance bounds on sigmoidal neurons with weight and input errors
Surface wave propagation along system of parallel metallic strips and along unidirectionally conducting plane
Improved temperature compensation of OTAs
New adaptive IIR notch filter and its application to howling control in speakerphone system
Nd:YAG laser pumped picosecond Yb3+/Er3+ fibre laser
Profiling of drawing induced defects in optical fibre preforms
New class of polyphase pulse compression code with unique characteristics
Baseband-processing feedforward carrier frequency drift compensation for DPSK mobile radio
Noncontact induced current impedance imaging
Calculation of characteristic impedance of curved microstrip lines for MMIC and MHMIC
Monolithically integrated 2×2 InGaAsP/InP laser amplifier gate switch arrays
Passive, all-fibre source of 30 fs pulses
Collective-processing correlator system for imaging radiometer of thinned arrays
High temperature superconducting vortex flow transistor
Waiting time jitter in FDDI to SONET payload mapping
Neural network for singular value decomposition
Novel principle of confinement in quantum-well structures
Performance of millimetre-wave frequency selective surfaces in large incident angle quasioptical systems
Multimode oscillation and mode locking of magnetostatic wave delay line oscillator
Compact image coding using two-dimensional DCT pyramid
Demonstration of error-free soliton transmission over more than 15 000 km at 5 Gbit/s, single-channel, and over more than 11 000 km at 10 Gbit/s in two-channel WDM
Multiple-valued pads for binary chips
Impact of thermal NH3-nitridation on dielectric properties of ultrathin Sio2 films
Deep levels in MOCVD AI0.48In0.52As/InP
Resource auction multiple access (RAMA): efficient method for fast resource assignment in decentralised wireless PCS
Multifibre bus for rack-to-rack interconnects based on opto-hybrid transmitter/receiver array pair
High power, singlemode InGaAs-GaAs-AlGaAs strained quantum well lasers with new current blocking scheme using GaAs layers grown by MBE at low substrate temperatures
Second harmonic generation in silica-based channel waveguides on Si substrates
Characteristic sideband instability of periodically amplified average soliton
Erratum: Open-loop model matching in frequency domain
Erratum: MOVPE grown Ga0.6In0.4Sb photodiodes for 2.55 μm detection
Erratum: Fringe order identification in optical fibre white-light interferometry using centroid algorithm method

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