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Electronics Letters

Volume 28, Issue 7, 26 March 1992

Volume 28, Issue 7

26 March 1992

New wide-range fast-acting frequency tracking loop
Dual frequency microstrip rectangular patches
InGaAs/InP composite collector heterostructure bipolar transistors
Strained InGaAsP multiquantum wells for optical electroabsorption waveguide modulators
Improved noise model for MESFETs and HEMTs in lower gigahertz frequency range
Monolithic eight-channel photoreceiver array OEICs for HDWDM applications at 1.55 μm
Burnout studies of x-band radar negative resistance transistor low noise amplifiers
Remote gas sensing with mid-infra-red hollow waveguide
Simple binary random number generator
Determination of source and drain parasitic resistances of HEMTs
New techniques for exciting linearly tapered slot antennas with coplanar waveguide
Initial observations of optical injection locking of oscillators using heterojunction bipolar transistors
Analysis of DPSK error rate due to multipath delay spread
InGaAs dual pin photodiode with minimised series resistance for low noise balanced receivers
Innovative approach to interspan fibre break Location in fibre amplifier repeatered communication systems
Room temperature 632.7 nm CW operation of AlGaInP strained multiquantum well lasers grown on (100) GaAs
Novel noise measurement setup with high dynamic range for optical receivers
Low-loss fibre-chip coupling by buried laterally tapered InP/InGaAsP waveguide structure
State-space and Yule-Walker approaches to pole estimation
New multistage decoding algorithm
2-D adaptive CPWL filter for 2-D nonlinear channel equalisation and image restoration
Experiment on deflector-selector optical switch matrix
Novel CMOS Schmitt trigger with controllable hysteresis
Novel optoelectronic RS flipflop based on optically coupled inverters
Integrated optical TE-and TM-pass, acoustically tunable, double-stage wavelength filters in LiNBO3
Wavelength-insensitive 2×16 optical splitters developed using planar lightwave circuit technology
Performance evaluation of single-channel coherent systems in presence of nonlinear effects
High performance fully passivated InAlAs/InGaAs/InP HFET
Four-quadrant CMOS analogue multiplier
Helium ion implanted optical waveguide in KTiOPO4
New type of silicon material with very high quality surface layer on insulating defect layer
TDM-like protocol for Gbit/s metropolitan area networks
InGaAs double heterojunction bipolar transistors grown on GaAs substrates
Mode-locked erbium fibre laser using all-optical nonlinear loop modulator
Order-reduction method for nonlinear dynamical systems
Efficient evaluation of model-reduction related integrals via polynomial arithmetic
Spectra of maxentropic interleaved RLL sequences
Improved winner-take-all neural network
Adaptive incremental redundancy selective-repeat ARQ scheme for finite buffer receivers
14.9 ps/2.2 mW charge-buffered active-pull-down ECL circuit
Silicon boron delta doped FET: growth and fabrication
Outage probability for cellular mobile radio systems: simplified analytical evaluation and simulation results
Highly efficient and tunable operation of two colour Tm-doped fluoride fibre laser
12 ps GaAs double heterostructure step recovery diode
Computer recognition of handwritten Japanese characters by wisdom algorithms
Three-dimensional optical disks using metallic island films: a proposal
Improving the handover performance for mixed cell system
Millimetre-wave biconical horn antennas for near uniform coverage in indoor picocells
New heteroaromatic polymers for third-order nonlinear optics
Simultaneous delay and maximum current calculation in CMOS gates
Finesse evaluation of integrated-optic ring resonators with heterodyne detection technique
Highly efficient GaAs power MESFETs with n+-asymmetrical LDD structure
2.5 Gbit/s Ti:LiNbO3 external modulator transmitter and its long distance transmission performance in the field
High speed GaAs switched current techniques for analogue sampled-data signal processing
Ultrahigh speed 2 bit MUX and DEMUX ICs using AlGaAs/GaAs L-BCT technology
Implementation of numerically robust fast recursive least squares adaptive filters using interval arithmetic
Efficient algorithm for non-equidistant interpolation of sampled data
Dynamically rule-programmable VLSI processor for fully-parallel inference
Array architecture for computing discrete Fourier transform to assist semiconductor device modelling
Matrix perturbation theory in field computation by moment methods
Erratum: Improved six-port reflectometer based on symmetrical five-port junction

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