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Electronics Letters

Volume 28, Issue 6, 12 March 1992

Volume 28, Issue 6

12 March 1992

Ultrafast reflective optical Kerr demultiplexer using polarisation rotation mirror
Reduction of transmission line coupling effects in 2-20 GHz monolithic distributed amplifier
Narrow spectral linewidth 150mW semiconductor laser with fundamental transverse mode for SHG light source
CMOS analogue current-steering multiplier
Polarisation dependent interband optical absorption in strained nonsquare InGaAs/GaAs quantum well
New defect size distribution function for estimation of chip critical area in integrated circuit yield models
Spatial subharmonic instability in photorefractive Bi12SiO20 crystal
MOVPE grown Ga0.6In0.4Sb photodiodes for 2.55 μm detection
Performance limitations of TDD wireless personal communications with asynchronous radio ports
Four decade bandwidth uniplanar balun
Wavelength-rearrangeable and strictly nonblocking networks
Fully balanced tunable GaAs MESFET OTA-C integrator suitable for high precision filtering applications
Modelling of dielectric losses in microstrip patch antennas: application of FDTD method
Gain enhancement of dielectric resonator loaded waveguide antennas with dielectric overlays
Preforming an electromagnetic pulse in lossy medium
Novel fast training algorithm for multilayer feedforward neural network
Locking bandwidth of mode-locked semiconductor lasers
Proton-exchanged optical waveguides in Z-cut LiNbO3, using toluic acid
Multigigahertz varactorless Si bipolar VCO IC
GaInAsP/InP surface emitting lasers grown by chemical beam epitaxy
Theoretical threshold lowering of compressively strained InGaAs/InGaAsP and GainAsP/GainAsP quantum-well lasers
Fringe order identification in optical fibre white-light interferometry using centroid algorithm method
Stress effect for polarisation control of surface emitting lasers
Selfrouting optical interconnects
Selfperturbing recursive least squares algorithm with fast tracking capability
Novel fibre amplifier configuration suitable for bidirectional system
Hybrid soliton pulse source with fibre external cavity and Bragg reflector
Reflectometric two-mode elliptical-core fibre strain sensor with remote interrogation
Enhanced symbol synchronisation technique for MFSK demodulator
Polarisation-independent LiNbO3 waveguide optical modulator for bidirectional transmission
Commutativity of up/down sampling
Elimination of intervalence band absorption in compressively strained InGaAs/InP 1.5 μm MQW lasers observed by hydrostatic pressure measurements
Amplitude, duration and predictablity of long hop trans-horizon X-band signals over the sea
Thermal resistance of top-surface-emitting vertical-cavity semiconductor lasers and monolithic two-dimensional arrays
Optical digital pulse-position modulation: experimental results for heterodyne detection using suboptimal filtering
Improved 3 dB multisection hybrid coupler using MMIC centre section
Kink-related noise overshoot in SOI n-MOSFETS operating at 4.2 K
Microstrip transmission line resonator with epitaxial YBa2Cu3O7-x/NdAIO3/YBa2Cu2O7-x trilayer
1.57μn InGaAsP/InP surface emitting lasers by angled focus ion beam etching
Near 100% efficient fibre microlenses
Novel loss measurement technique for optical waveguides by imaging of scattered light
Activation of Zn acceptors in AlGaInP epitaxial layers grown on misoriented substrates by metal organic chemical vapour deposition
Crosspolarisation characteristics of circular patch antennas
Novel phase meter using narrow pulse switched capacitor phase shifter
MOS circuit for nonlinear Hebbian learning
First demonstration of SAW propagation in organic crystal
Improved approximate analytical solution for generalised diode equation
InGaAs/GaAs/GaInP SCH-SQW lasers with low threshold current and high internal quantum efficiency
Prioritised GEO/D/1 telecommunications switch model
Analysis of printed linear slot antenna using lossy transmission line model
Block BEM-GNF solution of three-dimensional arbitrarily shaped conducting waveguide transitions
Erratum: Current-mode oscillators using single current follower
Erratum: Tensor properties of optically encoded second-harmonic generation in semiconductor-microcrystallite-doped glasses

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