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Electronics Letters

Volume 28, Issue 4, 13 February 1992

Volume 28, Issue 4

13 February 1992

Grafted InGaAsP light emitting diodes on glass channel waveguides
Novel broadcast architecture for parameter estimation
High speed waveguide-integrated photodiodes grown by metal organic molecular beam epitaxy
Analysis of saturation problem in RAM-based neural networks
Theoretical and experimental study of modified coupled strip coupler
Novel second-order switched-capacitor interpolator
Low-crosstalk code-division multiplexed interferometric array
CMOS selfbiased Euclidean distance computing circuit with high dynamic range
Wideband HBT circuits for operation above 10 GHz and power supply voltages below 5V
13.3 GHz YBCO microstrip bandpass filter
Hexagonal edge relaxation
Minimum norm target estimation algorithm for phased array radar
Conventional explanation for ‘crossed field antenna’
High-swing MOS current mirror with arbitrarily high output resistance
Bit error probabilities of NCFSK and DPSK signals in microcellular mobile radio systems
Loss-bandwidth product for frequency selective surfaces
Monolithically integrated long wavelength optical receiver OEICs using InAlAs/InGaAs heterojunction MESFETs (HFETs)
Surface-ray tracing solution of ellipsoid of revolution for UTD mutual coupling applications
Direct observation of UV induced bleaching of 240 nm absorption band in photosensitive germanosilicate glass fibres
GaAs flipchip pin diode for millimetre-wave application
Monolithic integration of InAs photodiode and GaAs MESFET
CW room-temperature operation of Y-junction semiconductor ring lasers
Parallel adaptive on-line error-path modelling algorithm for active noise control systems
Accelerated training of backpropagation networks by using adaptive momentum step
Ideality factor of extrinsic base surface recombination current in AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors
10 GHz spacing optical frequency division multiplexer based on arrayed-waveguide grating
Detection and correction of outliers in foetal heart rate time series
Multiquantum well strained-layer lasers with improved low frequency response and very low damping
Very low threshold current density in vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser diodes with periodically doped distributed Bragg reflectors
20 photon/bit 565 Mbit/s PSK homodyne receiver using synchronisation bits
Analysis of rectangular dielectric waveguides: effective-index method with built-in perturbation correction
Linearised bipolar transconductor
Individually addressable, high power singlemode laser diodes operating at 0.8, 0.85, and 0.92 μm
Accuracy of relaxation time approximation for device simulation of submicrometre GaAs MESFETs
Effects of spontaneous emission on hysteresis loops in bistable laser diodes
Low-voltage low-power infra-red receiver for hearing aids
Fast calculation method for multicomponent Wigner-Ville distribution
GSMBE grown (GaIn)P/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors exhibiting current gains up to 590
All-optical pressure sensor with temperature compensation on resonant PECVD silicon nitride microstructures
Performance of DECT for local access
Reduction of RMS jitter and phase deviation in 10 Gbit/s timing recovery circuit using monolithic ICs
Ultrafast all optical switching in two wavelength amplifying nonlinear optical loop mirror
Improved six-port reflectometer based on symmetrical five-port junction
Analytical delay model of CMOS inverter including channel-length modulation
Investigation of optical fibre switch using electro-optic interlays
DCT-based interframe coding for video codec
Simple and effective approach to array beamforming in presence of steering error
Single-element-controlled sinusoidal oscillator employing single current conveyor IC
Multiplication noise in GaAs/AlGaAs multiquantum well avalanche photodiodes with different well widths
PSK modulation scheme with monotonic phase variations
Euler differentiator with reduced channel length modulation
Amplitude scale method: new and efficient approach to measure fractal dimension of speech waveforms
GaAs/GaAlAs integrated twinguide DFB BCRW lasers with first-order contacted surface grating
Dielectric loss tangent of yttria stabilised zirconia at 5.6 GHz and 77 K
Local congestion control scheme using priority jumping technique with movable-threshold
64-channel byte interleaver for gigabit SDH transmission systems
Shortest wavelength (607 nm) operations of GaInP/AlInP distributed Bragg reflector lasers
Learning algorithm for total least-squares adaptive signal processing
Transverse electric fields in n-GaAs
Iterative system identification using multigrid techniques
Erratum: Electron beam controlled latch operating under electron beam testing conditions

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