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Electronics Letters

Volume 28, Issue 3, 30 January 1992

Volume 28, Issue 3

30 January 1992

Improving the accuracy of direct histogram specification
Computer-aided design of FIR filters
Wavelength-locked two-stage fibre Fabry–Perot filter for dense wavelength division demultiplexing in erbium-doped fibre amplifier spectrum
Using multiple-input transconductors to reduce number of components in OTA-C filter design
Improved recognition capabilities for goal seeking neuron
Excess loss in singlemode right-angle X junctions
15 Gbit/s integrated laser diodedriver using 0.3 μm gate lengthquantum well transistors
Picosecond (< 2.5 ps) wavelength-tunable (~20 nm) semiconductor laser pulses with repetition rates up to 12 GHz
Fibre-optic filters employing optical amplifiers to provide design flexibility
High performance voltage delay lines using switched-current memory cells
Carrier multiplication in submicrometre pMOS transistors operated at cryogenic temperatures
Design of IIR digital filters using complex allpass network based on eigenvalue problem
Input voltage sensitivity of GaAs/GaAlAs HEMT latched comparator
Cancellation of inherent AM in semiconductor optical amplifier phase modulators
High-resolution fibre-grating based strain sensor with interferometric wavelength-shift detection
Stability of femtosecond solitons in optical fibres influenced by optical attenuation and bandwidth limited gain
Analysis of coaxial-line/rectangular waveguide junction with dielectrically sheathed probe
Calculation of phase distortion due to tunnel injection in heterojunction IMPATTs
Linear generalised concatenated codes over ring Zq
Spectral domain technique for analysing 3-D metallisation structures
Noise characteristics of Pr3+-doped fluoride fibre amplifier
Novel method using white spectral probe signals to measure Brillouin gain spectra of pure silica core fibres
Effect of substrate thickness on radiation properties of coplanar strip antennas
Integrator circuit with bipolar transistor for Gbit/s applications
Higher radix linear sequential circuit implementation via hybrid U and JK multiple-valued logic primitives
Performance of heterodyne DM-DPSK systems with tight if filtering
Harmonic-balance analysis of microwave oscillators with automatic suppression of degenerate solution
Nyquist premodulation filtering for digital mobile radio
Walsh-Hadamard transform for complex-valued signals
Multiple channel signal generation using multichannel grating cavity laser with crosstalk compensation
Gyrator implementation from commercially available transimpedance operational amplifiers
Effect of temperature on frequency limits of GaAs/AlGaAs resonant tunnel diodes
Novel phase noise cancellation method for optical frequency conversion
Observation of DC and microwave negative differential resistance in InAIAS/InGaAs/InP HEMTs
SiGe waveguide photodetectors grown by rapid thermal chemical vapour deposition
Remote fibre-optic AC magnetometer
Maximum entropy initialisation technique for image coding vector quantiser design
Continuous wave single transverse mode vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers fabricated by helium implantation and zinc diffusion
Neural controller of nonlinear dynamic systems using higher order neural networks
Diode-pumped nonlinear fibre sagnac interferometer switch with integrated silica-based planar lightwave circuit
Wavelet analysis of electromagnetic backscatter data
Conductor-backed tellegen slab as twist polariser
Implementation of complex wave digital lattice filters with asymmetrical frequency response
Optimal design of prefilters for binary FSK discriminators
Observation of second harmonic generation from optically trapped microscopic LiNbO3 particle using Nd:YAG laser
Design of long distance distributed erbium doped fibre amplifier
Stabilisation of slotted ALOHA with nonpersistent buffered users
Results of 11.6 GHz radiometric experiment in Cameroon
Three-terminal Si/SiGe digital optoelectronic switch
Correction of mixer nonlinearity in quadrature modulators
Numerical simulation of trapping effects on drain-current transients of GaAs MESFETs
Current/voltage characteristics of ion beam synthesised CoSi2/Si Schottky barrier diodes
High frequency low voltage CMOS diode
Error performance of differentially-detected MSK in small delay-spread Rayleigh channel
High-bandwidth method for measurement of coherence function of laser source
Chromatic dispersion of erbium-doped silica fibres
Code merit in digital magnetic recording channels
Finite word length effects on moment of impulse response of digital filter
Limitations of WDM transmission over 560 km due to degenerate four wave mixing
Systematic method for design of switched-capacitor filters
Novel approach to high speed CMOS current comparators
Accurate analytical formulas for gain-optimised EDFAS
New memoryless, mod (2n±1) residue multiplier
Handover performance from microcell to indoor picocell
Results of 11.6 GHz radiometric experiment in Kenya
Results of 11.6 GHz radiometric experiment in Nigeria
In-place radix-3 fast Hartley transform algorithm
New perceptron
Design of high efficiency LiNbO3 broadband phase modulator using an electrode buried in buffer layer
Power spectral density of imperfectly generated MSK
Ultrahigh-finesse, bidirectional Er-doped fibre ring resonator
High speed non-selfaligned GaInP/GaAs-TEBT
Comparison of device performance of highly strained Ga1−xInxAs/a10.48In0.52As (0.53 ≤ × ≤ 0.90) MODFETs
Velocity matched electro-optic phase modulator for wide optical sideband generation
Calculations of call congestion in multilayer cellular network
CMOS full-wave operational transconductance rectifier with improved DC transfer characteristic
CMOS series/parallel quad resistor
10 Gbit/s optical receiver module using AlGaAs/GaAs HBT preamplifier IC
Erratum: Experimental investigation of three-layer electromagnetically coupled circular microstrip antennas
Erratum: Improving decision feedback equaliser performance using neural networks
Erratum: Dry etching process for fabrication of optoelectronic gratings in III-V substrates

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