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Electronics Letters

Volume 28, Issue 23, 5 November 1992

Volume 28, Issue 23

5 November 1992

High-resolution multichannel pulse generator CMOS chip to drive ultrasonic array transducers
Birefringence of disordered AlGaAs/GaAs quantum wells
100 W 671 nm visible laser diode array
Reply: Bridge amplifier with feedforward error correction
Integrated frequency-domain digital hearing aid with the lapped transform
Synchronous fibre-optic code divison multiple access networks with error control coding
Antenna far-field predictions from two phaseless cylindrical near-field measurements
Waveguide with resonant array inserts
Fast method for calculation of characteristic parameters of ionospheric radio circuit
New encapsulation modules for mm-wave GaAs transit-time devices
Method of correction for linear distortion of signals and application to DNA fingerprint data
Clock recovery circuits with instantaneous locking
Spiral antenna with coplanar strip line feed
Real-time adaptive multipath compensation
Analysis of microstrip structures with an inhomogeneous dielectric layer in an unbounded region
Coupling ratio control of polymeric waveguide couplers by bending
Blue, green and yellow upconversion lasing in Er:YLiF4 using 1.5 μm pumping
Novel microwave reflectometer for accurate characterisation of high-speed photodiode optoelectronic response
Measurement of group birefringence and dispersion of polarisation maintaining erbium-doped silica fibre
Efficient high-speed direct modulation in p-doped In0.35 Ga0.65As/GaAs multiquantum well lasers
Complete characterisation of polarisation mode dispersion in erbium doped optical amplifiers
Block truncation coding using Hopfield neural network
Another practical public-key cryptosystem
Eigenvalue approach to the calculation of the zeros of a scalar system
Comment: Bridge amplifier with feedforward error correction
Dynamic switching characteristics of a 4×4 InP/InGaAsP matrix switch
Binary-to-decimal conversion based on the divisibility of 28 — 1 by 5
Bit rate performance of millimetre-wave indoor radio systems
20 nm wavelengty tunable singlemode picosecond pulse generation at 1.3 μm by self-seeded gain-switched semiconductor laser
25 GHz bandwidth 1.55 μm GaInAsP p-doped strained multiquantum-well lasers
High-speed InGaAsP/InGaAsP MQW electroabsorption modulator with high optical power handling capacity
Loss mechanism and diagnostic elements of rocket exhaust-jet structure from the diffracted field
12.5 Gbit/s silicon bipolar 1:4-demultiplexer IC
New wideband optical modulation method for measurement of intrinsic frequency response in semiconductor lasers
Write-once optical disc media with large change of reflectance using copper island films
Feature-based texture classification of side-scan sonar images using a neural network approach
Single ended birefringent fibre optic sensor considerations
Power and efficiency limits in single-mirror light emitting diodes with enhanced intensity
0.98 μm strained-layer GaInAs/GaInAsP/GaInP quantum well lasers
Multiwavelength routing using tunable lasers and arrayed-waveguide grating multiplexers for wavelength-division and space-division multiplexed crossconnects
High-resolution technique for guided-wave analogue-digital convertors
GaAs single-drift flat-profile IMPATT diodes for CW operation at D band
Spectral estimation for 2-D Doppler ultrasound imaging
Continuous two-way focusing in ultrasonic annular array system without significant reduction in frame rate
Embossed monomode single heterostructure distributed feedback lead chalcogenide diode lasers
U-band monolithic millimetre-wave GaAs MESFET power amplifier
Optical slot synchronisation scheme
Subpicosecond soliton pulse formation from self-mode-locked erbium fibre laser using intensity dependent polarisation rotation
Mode hopping noise in coherent FMCW reflectometry
TMS320 design for vector and current control of AC motor drives
Contrast edge detection using differential input technique of a CCD
Method for generating a new optimal nonorthogonal base in signal representation
Efficient spreading code assignment algorithm for packet radio networks
Performance evaluation of CMOS compatible bipolar transistors and vertical junction FETs for advanced VLSI technology
Viterbi-decoding differential detection of DPSK
Field experiments on pilot symbol aided 16 QAM modems for land mobile communications
Erratum: Second order distortion in Er-doped fibres
Erratum: Input impedance of rectangular patch antenna fed by microstrip line
Erratum: Cryptanalysis of Xinmei digital signature scheme

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