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Electronics Letters

Volume 28, Issue 17, 13 August 1992

Volume 28, Issue 17

13 August 1992

Scattering property of fluorine-doped silica glasses
Image sequence coding using adaptive vector quantisation in wavelet transform domain
Specific contact resistivity of InGaAs/InP p-isotype heterojunctions
Proposal of all optical soliton shuffle multihop network
Memory ARQ scheme with low reliability zone detector
1.5 Gbit/s transmission system using FP laser as FSK discriminator/photodetector
Direct optical frequency modulation and injection locking of resonant tunnel diode oscillator
‘Staggering switch’: an ‘almost-all’ optical packet switch
Reducing the number of nonzero elements of topological loop (B) and cutset (D) matrices
Performance analysis of various 16 level modulation schemes under Rayleigh fading
Sectoral phase modes from circular antenna arrays
Low-frequency oscillator for floating-point digital signal processor chips
One-layer feedforward neural network for fast maximum/minimum determination
1.5 μm tensile-strained single quantum well 20-wavelength distributed feedback laser arrays
Experiment for bidirectional communication at same frequency using internally bypassed star coupler and coherent multichannel technique
Resistive forward-wave coupler
Investigation of effects of gamma radiation on erbium doped fibre amplifiers
Linear electro-optic response in sol-gel PZT planar waveguides
High frequency resonant AC/DC rectifier with unity power factor
New method of domain inversion in LiNbO3 using thermal oxidation of Ti film
Sliding window decorrelating algorithm for DS-CDMA receivers
Elimination of photoinduced absorption in Ge-doped silica fibres by annealing of ultraviolet colour centres
True-CW operation of GaAs bistable etalon with electronic optical nonlinearity
Statistical model for evaluation of effects of nonuniformity in optically-programmed neural networks
Optimisation of nonlinear optical rectification in linearly graded AlGaAs quantum wells
Performance of GMSK in nonlinear channel
Determination of α factor of Fabry-Pérot-type semiconductor laser by injection locking
Analysis of 16-APSK modulation in AWGN and Rayleigh fading channel
Spot size convertors using InP/InAlAs multiquantum well waveguides for low-loss singlemode fibre coupling
Nondestructive and simple method of optical-waveguide loss measurement with optimisation of end-fire coupling
Simulation of laser diode optical fields using harmonic balance
Phase matched AlGaAs/GaAs complementary HBTs for push-pull operation
Control of polarisation degradation in fibre amplifier WDMs
BER performance on multipath fading channels with random path delays
Accurate current amplification by using dynamic current copier
Adaptive crosstalk cancellation in dense wavelength division multiplexing networks
New a-SiC, optically controlled, thyristor-like switch
Low-power, refractive nonlinearity in InGaAs/InP multiquantum well waveguide
Measured performance of DECT transmission in low dispersive indoor radio channel
Nine element optical sensor matrix network using a spatial light modulator
Efficient computation of the squaring operation in modular rings
High power surface emitting laser diode pumping of Nd:YAG slab
Demonstration of high-Q injection locked optical clock consisting of hybrid distributed feedback bistable laser system
Process for enhancement/depletion-mode GaAs/InGaAs/AlGaAs pseudomorphic MODFETs using selective wet gate recessing
Vector assignment scheme for M+N users in N-dimensional global additive channel
Proposal of novel photonic delay flipflop
Design optimisation of erbium ring laser regarding output power and spectral properties
Advantages of InGaAsP separate confinement layer in 0.98 μm InGaAs/GaAs/InGaP strained DQW lasers for high power operation at high temperature
Selfprogramming receiver for use in the local loop
Hybrid Er-doped fibre amplifiers at 980–1480 nm for long distance optical communications
New functional-link based equaliser
Optically triggered polarisation bistable switching in laser diodes with external cavities
Novel decade electronically tunable microwave oscillator based on the distrubuted amplifier
Low loss multimode waveguides on silicon substrate
New parallel multiplier design
Large area conducting polymer composites and their use in microwave absorbing material
Cellular automata based minimum cost path estimation on binary maps
Elliptically lensed polarisation maintaining fibres
Simplified analysis of strip dielectric waveguide based on transverse resonance technique
8 channel InGaAs/InP quantum well asymmetric Fabry-Perot modulator hybridised with foundry VLSI silicon CMOS drive circuits
Novel computer designed waveguide grating structures with optimised reflection characteristics
Bipolar magnetometer sensor similar to fluxgate device but having equal input and output sinusoidal frequencies and zero Barkhausen noise
Very sensitive two-photon absorption GaAs/AlGaAs waveguide detector for an autocorrelator
New technology for reduction in cost and size of silica guided-wave component
Simple method to simulate diode selfheating using spice
Reduction of interconnections in quadratic associative memory using pair significance
Suppression of bandgap shifts in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells using strontium fluoride caps
Optically amplified TDMA distributive switch network with 2.488 Gbit/s capacity offering interconnection to over 1000 customers at 2 Mbit/s
Erratum: New method for multistage impedance transformer design
Erratum: 70 Gbit/s fibre based source of fundamental solitons at 1550 nm

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