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Electronics Letters

Volume 28, Issue 16, 30 July 1992

Volume 28, Issue 16

30 July 1992

500 mW coherent large aperture ring oscillators
Second-harmonic generation in ion-implanted KTiOPO4 planar waveguides
Subpicosecond (320 fs) pulses from CW passively mode-locked external cavity two-section multiquantum well lasers
Spectral characterisation and frame synchronisation of optical fibre digital PPM
2.5 Gbit/s, 10073 km straight line transmission system experiment using 199 Er-doped fibre amplifiers
Wavelength-flattened response in bent fibre couplers
Second-order delta-sigma modulator with two 1 bit quantisers
Modulational instability in double-doped optical fibres
Microstrip reflectarray antenna with offset feed
Diffraction studies in urban environment with wide-angle parabolic equation method
Dynamics of fully complex-valued neural networks
High transconductance selfaligned WSi gate AIInAs/GaInAs HIGFETs grown by MOCVD
Multi-h phase codes for continuous phase modulation
Laser emission and amplification at 1.3 μm in neodymium-doped fluorophosphate fibres
Fourier-transform-limited pulses from gain-switched distributed-Bragg-reflector lasers using simultaneous modulation of gain and phase sections
Analysis of slots in nonradiating dielectric waveguide using the modal expansion method
Optoelectronically reconfigurable monopole antenna
Convolutionally coded binary PSAM for Rayleigh fading channels
Optical loop mirror with semiconductor laser amplifier
Memoryless pipelined trigonometric processor
Effectiveness of site diversity techniques for microwave reception in the wet tropics
Ga0.8In0.2As/GaAs/Ga0.51In0.49P buried ridge structure single quantum well laser emitting at 0.98 μm
On-line adaptive digital correction of dual-quantisation delta–sigma modulators
Postdetection phase combining diversity for reception of faded DPSK signals
2-D mode tapering via tapered channel waveguide segmentation
Oxide wearout phenomena of ultrathin SiO2 film during high-field stress
Designing the mixer section in a waveguide Doppler with-sense module
Simple numerical integration of logarithmic singularities in moment method solutions of electromagnetic problems
Integrated lossless InP/InGaAsP 1 to 4 optical switch
Simple all-electrical evaluation of 2.5 Gbit/s CP-FSK coherent receiver
Dependence of laser characteristics on distributed Bragg reflector pairs in vertical-to-surface transmission electrophotonic devices
Performance of random-wavelength switching of three-electrode DBR laser with packet headers used for routing
Neural network-based adaptive radar detection scheme for small ice targets in sea clutter
2.5 Gbit/s NRZ system aspects for transoceanic distances
Junction-side up operation of (Al)GaInP lasers with very low threshold currents
Generation of sub-20 fs mode-locked pulses from Ti:sapphire laser
Minimum entropy deconvolution and blind equalisation
Variable-area resonant tunnelling diodes using implanted gates
Breakdown walkout and its reduction in high-voltage pLDMOS transistors on thin epitaxial layer
Phase sensitive measurement technique for singlemode fibre directional couplers
Wavelength tuning in active surface-emitting harmonic generators and applications for spatially addressable coherent detection
Correlation measurements of intensity noise from the two facets of DFB lasers during linewidth rebroadening
1 W diffraction-limited-beam operation of resonant-optical-waveguide diode laser arrays at 0.98 μm
Integrated optical NAND gate
Discrete polar reciprocal transform for detecting multiple sporadic collineations
Eye closure due to spatial hole-burning dynamics in λ/4-shifted DFB lasers
Radiation efficiency and input impedance of monopole elements with radial-wire ground planes in proximity to Earth
Bandwidth of FM video signals
Optical low coherence reflectometry with 1.9 μm spatial resolution
Design and realisation of reduced-size impedance transforming uniplanar MMIC branchline coupler
Rain depolarisation characteristics related to approximate specific attenuation
Photoinduced polarisation couplers in elliptical core optical fibres written using 532 and 266 nm sources
New learning algorithm for training multilayered neural networks that uses genetic-algorithm techniques
Erratum: Design of symmetrical polylithic crystal filters having equal motional inductances
Erratum: Characteristic sideband instability of periodically amplified average soliton
Erratum: Parallel structure based on neural networks for image compression
Erratum: 50 GHz velocity-matched broad wavelength LiNbO3 modulator with multimode active section

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