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Electronics Letters

Volume 28, Issue 13, 18 June 1992

Volume 28, Issue 13

18 June 1992

Er3+ glass waveguide amplifier at 1.5 μm on silicon
Effects of antenna sectorisation on data rate limitations of indoor radio modems
Mixed integer programming method for fault diagnosis of linear analogue circuits
Programmable BiCMOS transconductor for capacitor-transconductor filters
Dc characteristics and stability behaviour of high-speed Si/SiGe HBTs undoped SiGe spacer between base and collector
Multiplanar silicon doping of GaAs using disilane by GSMBE
Simplified nonresonant perturbation method of measuring aspects of performance of UHF and microwave antennas for biomedical applications
New modelling strategy for representing asymmetric traffic loads on LANs
Investigation of high In content InGaAs quantum wells grown on GaAs by molecular beam epitaxy
Simple method to determine series resistance and its temperature dependence in AIAs/GaAs/AIAs double barrier resonant tunnelling diodes
50 GHz velocity-matched broad wavelength LiNbO3 modulator with multimode active section
New construction of majority logic decodable quasicyclic codes
Relevance of receiver filter performance and operating range for CT2/CAI telepoint systems
Multigigabit/s demultiplexing in optical domain using coherence properties of pulse trains from multiple, asynchronous mode-locked lasers
Offset compensation scheme for analogue LMS adaptive FIR filters
D-shaped optical fibre design for methane gas sensing
Fault-tolerant matrix inversion on processor array
Baseband pulse shaping in CPFSK modulation
70 Gbit/s fibre based source of fundamental solitons at 1550 nm
Efficient 1×16 optical power splitter based on InP
Optimised bandwidth of optical filter in optical preamplifier
Dual wavelength fibre interferometer with wavelength selection via fibre Bragg grating elements
Novel CMOS sampled-data VLSI implementation of artificial neural networks
137 km, 4×5 Gbit/s optical time division multiplexed unrepeatered system with distributed erbium fibre preamplifier
Performance dependence of InGaAs MSM photodetectors on barrier-enhancement layer structures
Novel Schottky diode with selfaligned guard ring
Noisy forced zero padded dpcm prediction
Fabrication of low threshold voltage microlasers
Detection of bridging faults in programmable logic arrays
InGaP/GaAs/InGaP double heterostructure bipolar transistors with carbon-doped base grown by CBE
High-frequency performance for sub-0.1 μm gate InAs-inserted-channel InAlAs/InGaAs HEMT
Necessary and sufficient condition for uniqueness of solutions of certain piecewise linear resistive networks containing transistors and diodes
High power InGaAs/AlGaAs singlemode laser diodes suitable for pumping Pr3+-doped fluoride fibre optic amplifiers
InGaAs-GaAs-InGaP channel guide strained quantum well lasers with output powers over 300 mW
Spectra of maxentropic CCRLL sequences: Markov chain model and efficient algorithm for the calculation
Simple and nondestructive method for measurement of coupling length in twin-core optical fibre
Implementation of adaptive 5400 bit/s modem over frequency selective HF radio links
Conversion of MNA equations to state variable form for nonlinear dynamical circuits
Broadband low-power amplifier with high gain and mixer modes using quantum-well GaAs FET technology
CW room-temperature blue upconversion fibre laser
Optical programmable transversal filters using fibre amplifiers
Nonreciprocal propagation characteristics of transversely magnetised metal–insulator–semiconductor coplanar waveguides
Low ohmic contacts to C-doped p-GaAs with Au/Zn/Au structure
Improvements to internet access control security scheme
Observation of direct correlation between induced absorption and second harmonic generation in germanium-doped glass optical fibres
Capacity of digital communication system with allowed nonzero error rate
NRZ format all-optical clock extraction at 3.2 Gbit/s using two-contact semiconductor devices
Collinear beam acousto-optic tunable filters
Line narrowed picosecond optical pulse generation using three contact InGaAsP/InP multiquantum well distributed feedback laser under gain switching
Even length median filters in optimal signal processing
Gain enhancement in distributed erbium-doped fibre amplifier by Raman amplification of 1480 nm pump radiation
Optical lithography technique for formation of gate structures with nanometre geometries
Neural network approach to classification using features extracted by mapping
Comment: Minimal realisation for single resistor controlled sinusoidal oscillator using single CCII
Reply: Minimal realisation for single resistor controlled sinusoidal oscillator using a single CCII
Isothermal current instability and local breakdown in GaAs FET
New multistage scheme for vector quantisation of parcor coefficients
Star coupler based WDM switch employing tunable devices with reduced tunability range
Wideband indoor radio propagation measurements at 58 GHz
High power singlemode GaInAs lasers with distributed Bragg reflectors
Current-mode CMOS latched quaternary threshold logic full adder
+24.6 dBm output power Er/Yb codoped optical amplifier pumped by diode-pumped Nd:YLF laser
Pipelined Volterra filter
New architecture for parallel multipliers
Pivoting method for efficient determination of poles in singularity expansion method
Bit error rate measurement of 2.5 Gbit/s data modulated solitons generated by InGaAsP EA modulator using a circulating loop
Very low threshold 780nm AlGaAs SDH lasers on p-type GaAs substrate fabricated using single-step MOCVD
Erratum: In-place radix-3 fast Hartley transform algorithm
Erratum: Thermal resistance of top-surface-emitting vertical-cavity semiconductor lasers and monolithic two-dimensional arrays
Erratum: Direct synthesis of near-optimum difference patterns for planar arrays
Erratum: Novel In0.41Ga0.59As/In0.53Ga0.47As strained emitter heterojunction bipolar transistor grown by molecular beam epitaxy

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