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Electronics Letters

Volume 28, Issue 10, 7 May 1992

Volume 28, Issue 10

7 May 1992

Ultrahigh-speed driverless MQW intensity modulator, and 20 Gbit/s, 100 km transmission experiments
Differential phase noise distribution of Rayleigh faded DPSK signal with selection diversity
Fibre diameter estimation based on guided acoustic wave Brillouin scattering
Multiple channel selfrouting crossbar switch
Side-emitting GaAs/AlGaAs SQW LEDs showing wide spectrum using shadow masked growth
Low-threshold 630 nm-band AlGaInP multiquantum-well laser diodes grown on misoriented substrates
Solving sorting and related problems by quadratic perceptrons
Picosecond square pulse generation using nonlinear fibre loop mirror
Longitudinal component of aperture electric field in weakly-excited broadwall slot
Fabrication of MSM photoconductor on porous Si using micromachined silicon mask
Rigorous analysis of scattering by partial height magnetised ferrite posts in rectangular waveguides
Negative differential resistance of GaAs/AlxGa1−xAs multiquantum well structures under high power photoexcitation: structure optimisation for an oscillator
Accurate low-power CMOS autozeroed comparator
High speed class AB voltage-current convertor with improved accuracy
Silicon based fibre pigtailed 1×16 power splitter
Very fast accurate square-root algorithm for use with gradient edge operators
Distribution of phase angle between two Rayleigh vectors perturbed by Gaussian noise
Low programming voltage floating gate analogue memory cells in standard VLSI CMOS technology
General linear composite-MOSFET theory and applications
Error pattern addition for cell synchronisation in ATM systems
Generation of soliton pulse train in optical fibre using two CW singlemode diode lasers
Normal incidence infra-red absorption from intersub-band transitions in p-type GaInAs/AIInAs quantum wells
10 Gbit/s optical demultiplexing and switching by sinusoidally driven InGaAsP electroabsorption modulators
Quantum well laser with single InAs monolayer in active region
In0.1Ga0.9As/GaAs/AIAs pseudomorphic resonant tunnelling diodes integrated with airbridge
Fast vector quantisation using cache codebook
Robust and fast failure detection and prediction for fault-tolerant communication network
Large blue shifts induced by Stark effect in asymmetric coupled quantum well
Separation of differential propagation phase and differential backscatter phase in polarisation diversity radar
Radar estimation of apparent canting angle in raindrops
Room-temperature operation of MOCVD-grown GaInAs/InP strained-layer multiquantum well lasers in 1.8 μm range
Cascade perceptron
Efficient multilevel coding scheme for video transmission
Comment: Pulses satisfying the Nyquist criterion
Reply: Pulses satisfying the Nyquist criterion
Root signal sets of morphological filters
Dispersion compensation in 450 km transmission system employing standard fibre
2 V drive-voltage switching operation in 1.55 μm GaInAs/InP MQW intersections waveguide optical switch
Analogue voltage multiplier/divider with stabilised scale factor
Physical interpretation of reduction of soliton interaction forces by bandwidth limited amplification
Three-line microstrip directional coupler for microwave switch matrix
Simple sequence detector for coded (1-D) partial response channel
FM efficiency and spectral linewidth in two-active-section DBR laser
Petri nets for classification
Robust finite element solution for three-dimensional scattering
Measurement and simulation of floating substrate effects on the intrinsic gate capacitance characteristics of SOI n-MOSFETs
Integrated 1 V thermal shutdown circuit
Runlength limited codes for random and burst error correction
Erratum: Implementation of numerically robust fast recursive least squares adaptive filters using interval arithmetic

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