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Electronics Letters

Volume 28, Issue 1, 2 January 1992

Volume 28, Issue 1

2 January 1992

Families of polyphase sequences with near-optimal two-valued autoand crosscorrelation functions
Algorithm for computing minimum product distance of TCM codes
All-optical clock recovery from 2.5 Gbit/s NRZ data using selfpulsating 1.58 μm laser diode
Loss model for singlemode fibres
Second substrate current peak and its relationship to gate-voltage dependent series resistance in submicrometre nMOS LDD
New linewidth enhancement determination method in semiconductor lasers based on spectrum analysis above and below threshold
Normalised frequency-domain adaptive filter based on optimum block algorithm
Uniform 8×8 array InGaAs/InP multiquantum well asymmetric Fabry–Perot modulators for flipchip solder bond hybrid optical interconnect
Fully engineered coherent multichannel transmitters and receivers with low-cost potential
Form of field in small-offset longitudinal slot in broad wall of rectangular waveguide
X-band directive single microstrip patch antenna using dielectric parasite
Hot-carrier reliability in double-implanted lightly doped drain devices for advanced drams
Pulsed and CW high temperature operation of InGaAs/GaAs strained layer vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Input and output queueing ATM switch architecture with spatial and temporal slot reservation control
New rate-1/3 trellis codes with 8-PSK signals for bandlimited AWGN channels
Programmable binary phase-only optical device based on ferroelectric liquid crystal SLM
Field programmable analogue array based on MOSFET transconductors
Ultrahigh-sensitivity low coherence otdr using Er1+-doped high-power superfluorescent fibre source
Novel RF oscillator using optical components
GaAs/AlGaAs delta-doped staircase avalanche photodiode with separated absorption layer
New tapered active fibres for very low noise amplifier applications
Dynamic latch for high speed GaAs domino circuits
1.5<λ<1.7 μm strained multiquantum well InGaAs/InGaAsP diode lasers
Electron beam controlled latch operating under electron beam testing conditions
Analysis of radiative efficiency of long wavelength semiconductor lasers
Element dependency in dielectric tuning of frequency selective surfaces
Effects of chromatic dispersion, Kerr nonlinearity and amplifier noise in long PSK optical fibre systems
Metals semiconductor-metal photodector using Fe-implanted In0.53Ga0.47As
Genetic based training of two-layer, optoelectronic neural network
High-frequency operation of very low voltage, 1.55 μm single-mode optical waveguide modulator based on Wannier-Stark localisation
Pulses satisfying the Nyquist criterion
Monolithic integration of GaAs MSM photodetector and SiO2/Si3N4 dielectric optical waveguide
Fundamental phase noise limit in optical fibres due to temperature fluctuations
High linearity power operation of AlGaAs/GaAs HBT at 10 GHz
Digital sampling process for audio class D, pulse width modulated, power amplifiers
High efficiency, low threshold amplification and lasing at 0.8 μm in monomode Tm3+ -doped fluorozirconate fibre
Comment: State space models using simplified Routh approximation method
Lower bound of sample word length in bit/digit serial architectures
Microwave properties of free-standing dielectric films
Zero-net-strain and conventionally strained InGaAsp/InP multiquantum well lasers
Coding to increase number of channels in QAM-SCM-IM/DD lightwave system
Energy quantisation in figure eight fibre laser
Enhancement of effective Schottky barrier height on n-type InP
Parallel acquisition of MR images using time multiplexed coils
Optimum multistage multirate switched capacitor architectures for highly selective interface filtering
Coplanar waveguide aperture coupled patch antennas with ground plane/substrate of finite extent
Hysteresis effects in instantaneous frequency scaling of attenuation on 20 and 30 GHz satellite links
New broadband tunable monolithic microwave floating active inductor
Relative occurrence probabilities of minimum phase and nonminimum phase fades
Fast heterodyne optical phase-lock loop using double quantum well laser diodes
Thermo-optical modulation at 1.5μm in silicon etalon
InP/InGaAs double-heterojunction bipolar transistors with high speed, gain and current-driving capability
Schottky-collector vertical PNM bipolar transistor
Swelling characteristics of proton-exchanged LiNbO3 waveguides
Series feedback integrated active microstrip antenna synthesis and characterisation
Dynamic programming algorithm for linear prediction using thinned-lattice filter
Dual-truncation ΔΣ digital-to-analogue convertors
Determination of line length using Hough transform
Matched filter for Gbit/s applications
30 Gbit/s multiplexer and demultiplexer ICs in silicon bipolar technology
Gain enhancement in Nd3+ doped ZBLAN fibre amplifier using mode coupling filter
Erratum: Novel amplifier gain insensitive switched capacitor integrator with same sample correction properties

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