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Electronics Letters

Volume 27, Issue 7, 28 March 1991

Volume 27, Issue 7

28 March 1991

New construction for classes of majority logic decodable codes with even minimum distances
New method for generation of coherent ultrashort optical pulses
Reliable InGaAs quantum well lasers at 1.1 μm
Demonstration of a hybrid time/wavelength division multiplexed interferometric fibre sensor array
Optimum architecture for input queuing ATM switches
Multiple-quantum-well reflection modulator using a lifted-off GaAs/AlGaAs film bonded to gold on silicon
Doppler optimised mismatched filters
Gain control in erbium-doped fibre amplifiers by an all-optical feedback loop
Experimental investigation of polarisation-induced fading in interferometric fibre sensor arrays
Simulation of optical heterodyne single-filter FSK system with line coding
TM-type self-guided beams with circular cross-section
Highly integrated 20 Mbit/s GaAs optical receiver for use in TPON network termination equipment
Calculating nonlinear microwave circuits with undersampled time signals
Gilbert multiplier as an active mixer with conversion gain bandwidth of up to 17 GHz
Packaged double-pass travelling-wave semiconductor laser amplifiers
200 Mbit/s DPSK heterodyne transmission experiment using colour centre lasers at 2.55 μm
New algorithm for testing random access memories
Coupler type multi/demultiplexer composed of different parameter fibres
State recovery techniques for (M,L) algorithm
Two-channel optical filtering of 1 Gbit/s signal with DBR filter
Spectral predictions for pulse interval and width modulation
Stabilising discrete polynomials using spectral factorisation
Independently addressable InGaAs/GaAs vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser arrays
Spatio-temporal visibility function for image sequences
Applications of moment invariants to neurocomputing for pattern recognition
Small dimension Bragg reflectors formed by air-isolated GaAs layers
Dependence of mode stability and linewidth of DFB lasers on facet reflectivity and coupling coefficient
Long-working-distance expanded-beam fibre microlenses
Importance sampling techniques for efficient simulation of stack decoders
Relationship between polarisation dispersion measurements before and after installation of optical cables
High speed synchronously pumped Raman fibre amplification
Bit-error rate for a lightwave communication system incorporating an erbium-doped fibre amplifier
Uniform CNR design rules for coherent subcarrier multiplexed system with multioctave frequency allocation
Throughput analysis of CDMA with DPSK modulation and diversity in indoor Rician fading radio channels
Finite well-thickness effects on nonlinear optical response of quantum well structures
Optical self-routing switch using vertical to surface transmission electrophotonic devices with transmission light amplification function
Channel coding/diversity reception on packet mobile radio
Novel and accurate compact DC model of GaAs MESFET for large-signal computer calculations
Simple method to improve dynamic range of optical amplifiers in coherent optical communication systems with heterodyne receivers
Design of a discrete cosine transform based speech scrambler
Erratum: New polarisation-insensitive direct detection scheme based on fibre polarisation scrambling

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