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Electronics Letters

Volume 27, Issue 18, 29 August 1991

Volume 27, Issue 18

29 August 1991

Bandwidth efficient operation of phase diversity reception compared with heterodyne reception
10 Gbit/s optical front end using Si-bipolar preamplifier IC, flipchip APD, and slant-end fibre
Figures of merit for doped fibre amplifiers in 1300 nm and 1550 nm windows
Efficient electroabsorption in InGaAsP/InGaAsP MQW optical waveguide
High frequency saturated CMOS floating resistor for fully-differential analogue signal processors
New de-embedding method for millimetre-wave bipolar transistor S-parameter measurement
Video distribution system with 40 AM-VSB channels and 22 dB link budget
Universal active current filters using single second-generation current conveyor
Novel pseudomorphic InGaAs/AlGaAs SISFET and HIGFET structures for direct coupled FET logic
High frequency GaAs switched capacitor filter implemented with GaAs insulated gate FET switches
Colliding pulse phase detector for picosecond resolution timing measurement
Electro-optic sampling of optoelectronically phase-locked 10.0 GHz microwave signals using semiconductor laser diodes
Inexact match associative memory cell
Determination of minimal cost one-dimensional linear hybrid cellular automata
Alternative built-in self-test (BIST) structures for analogue circuit fault diagnosis
Low-threshold and narrow-linewidth 1.5 μm compressive-strained multiquantum-well distributed-feedback lasers
Monolithic integration of photodetector with vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Monolithically integrated four-channel receiver array using diffused InGaAs JFET technology
Segmental corrective training for hidden Markov model parameter estimation in speech recognition
Interleaved 5B20 code for insertion of carrier and clock pilots in 64-QAM systems
Microchannel plate image intensifier electron dynamics in magnetic field
Edge-based combination algorithm applied to multiple restored images
Ultralow specific on resistance UMOSFET with trench contacts for source and body regions realised by selfaligned process
Postdetection MRC diversity for π/4-shift QDPSK mobile radio
Fast method for accurate prediction of fibre laser oscillation wavelength
Teletext reception in mobile Rician fading channel with maximal ratio combining
Bit error probability for fading DPSK signals in microcellular land mobile radio systems
Selfsynchronisable binary Reed-Solomon code
Reflectometer calibration using load, short and offset shorts with unknown phase
Analysis of nonlinear circuits with distributed elements using PSPICE
Fibre-tip displacement sensor using sinusoidal FM-based technique
Control of optical fibre taper shape
Iddq secondary components in CMOS logic circuits preceded by defective stages affected by analogue type faults
Low coherence, interferometric fibre optic vibrometer using novel optical signal processing scheme
High-power (106 mW) CW operation of transverse-mode stabilised InGaAlP laser diodes with strained In0.62Ga0.38P active layer
Observation of nonlinear interactions in 20 Gbit/s soliton transmission over 500 km using erbium-doped fibre amplifiers
Beam-propagation analysis of optical fibres by alternating direction implicit method
Periodically screened coplanar waveguides on semiconductors
Resonant tunnelling diode in MBE-grown delta-doped GaAs
Optical equalisation with linearly tapered two-dissimilar-core fibre
Tunable SAW comb filter
Novel tunable GaAs MESFET OTA-C integrator suitable for high precision filtering applications
Constant-bandwidth current mode operational amplifier
Backward predictive block matching algorithm for low bit rate video coding
Very low threshold 1.5 μm GaInAs/AlGaInAs BH GRINSCH strained-layer quantum well laser diodes grown by MOCVD
High-speed analogue neural-network LSI employing super-selfaligned Si bipolar process technology
Ultrafast polarisation switching in ridge-waveguide laser diodes
Compact dual-frequency feed for prime-focus paraboloid
Simple approach for monolithic integration of DFB laser and passive waveguide

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