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Electronics Letters

Volume 27, Issue 13, 20 June 1991

Volume 27, Issue 13

20 June 1991

QAM signal synthesis by time division multiplexing
Relationship between two algorithms for discrete cosine transform
Narrow line semiconductor laser using fibre grating
Selfaligned InGaAs/InP heterostructure bipolar transistors
Three-dimensional analysis of multiquantum well DFB lasers
Analysis of below-threshold spectrum and linewidth of surface-emitting λ/4-shifted DFB lasers with DBR mirror
Breaking public key cryptosystem based on systems of nonlinear equations over finite field
20 dB gain thulium-doped fluorozirconate fibre amplifier operating at around 0.8 μm
Latch up in physically merged bipolar-MOS BICMOS structures
Two interpolative BTC image coding schemes
Modular FET model with distributed source configuration for single and double side source grounded MESFET
Improved coupling for aperture coupled microstrip antennas
Compensation for temperature dependence of Faraday effect in diamagnetic materials: application to optical fibre sensors
Efficient VLSI digital logarithmic codecs
Comparison between free space and in-waveguide power measurement standards at 94 GHz
Pseudo-N-path switched capacitor filters with out-of-band noise peaks
Fast vicinity-upgrade algorithm for rectilinear steiner trees
All-fibre frequency shifters using multiple acoustic transducers
Improved design procedure for multiplierless FIR digital filters
Observation of ballistic transport in hot-electron vertical FET spectrometer using ultrathin planar-doped barrier launcher
Millimetre wave performance of carbon-doped-base AlGaAs/GaAs HBTs
Tracking performance of digital chip synchronisation algorithms for bandlimited direct-sequence spread-spectrum communication
High performance W-band InAlAs-InGaAs-InP HEMTs
Correlation between linewidth rebroadening and low-frequency RIN enhancement in semiconductor lasers
New measurement technique for waveguide losses based on photoluminescence
Platinum silicide fusion bonding
Low-loss Ka-band frequency selective subreflector
Red upconversion Yb-sensitised Pr fluoride fibre laser pumped in 0.8 μm region
Arithmetic coding with limited past history
Adaptive chirplet representation of signals on time–frequency plane
Simple high-frequency diffraction analysis of microstrip antenna on large cylinder
Determining mixer diode positions of microwave Doppler with-sense module
All-optical remote gain switching in Er-doped fibre amplifiers
High performance W-band low-noise pseudomorphic InGaAs HEMT MMIC amplifiers
Low complexity soft decision decoding technique for T-user collaborative coding multiple-access channels
Composite events: computationally efficient method for generating 1/f noise
Raman amplification of gain switched laser diode signal at 1.35μm to soliton power levels
Chaotic behaviour in current-mode controlled DC–DC convertor
14 GHz low-power highly sensitive static frequency divider using quantum well AlGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs FET technology
AlGaAs/GaAs based HEMTs, inverters, and ring oscillators with InGaAs, and AlGaAs etch-stop layers
Current–voltage characteristics of bend in mesoscopic wire
Insight into operation of kulpa boundary distance measure
New low-complexity decision feedback equalisation technique for narrowband digital cellular systems
Current-mode allpass filter using FTFN with grounded capacitor
New bit-serial systolic multiplier for GF(2m) using irreducible trinomials
Design of differential QPSK modulator
Experimental investigation of three-layer electromagnetically coupled circular microstrip antennas
High speed operation of hybrid CMOS vertical cavity surface emitting laser array
Wide bandwidth multiple quantum well 1.55 μm lasers
Closed-loop balancing and singular perturbation: a new result
Static scattering in filled nematic: new liquid crystal display technique
Analysis of effects of quantisation in multilayer neural networks using statistical model
Module orientation algorithm using reconstruction of nets and mean field annealing
Wavelength-insensitive couplers in form of all-fibre Mach–Zehnder interferometer
Taper coupling of laser diode to singlemode fibre: influence of fibre field shape
Criteria for low-noise switched capacitor circuit design
Bit error rate measurement with predetermined confidence
Tuning capability of binary perceptron
Ferroelectric-domain inversion induced by SiO2 cladding for LiNbO3 waveguide SHG
Ultrafast multibeatlength all-optical fibre switch
Comment: Optimised implementation of real-time discrete Wigner distribution
Integrated acousto-optic collinear TETM mode convertors for 0.8 μm optical wavelength range
Multiply-graded InGaAlAs heterojunction bipolar transistors
Burst error correction capability of square array codes
Variable sensitivity photodetector for dynamic optical neurochip
Effect of dielectric protecting superstrate on radiation pattern of microstrip patch antenna
Erratum: Demonstration of birefringent optical fibre frequency shifter employing torsional acoustic waves
Erratum: Measurement of surface resistance of high-Tc superconductor by use of dielectric resonator
Erratum: Semi-insulating layers in InP obtained by Co or Fe ion implantation
Erratum: Efficient hardware decoding method for modified Huffman code
Erratum: Cryogenic operation of GaAs bipolar transistors with inverted base doping
Erratum: Optical feedback receiver with sensitivity of −55.2 dBm at 8 Mbit/s

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