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Electronics Letters

Volume 27, Issue 10, 9 May 1991

Volume 27, Issue 10

9 May 1991

Demonstration of photonic fast packet switching at 700 Mbit/s data rate
Full integration of extremely large time constants in CMOS
High temperature operation of λ = 1.5 μm tensile strained multiple quantum well sipbh lasers
Ultralow dark current GaAlAs/GaAs msm photodetector
Error rate prediction for PSK and QAM when affected by terrain multipath
Characteristics of laser-diode modules using thermally-diffused expanded core fibres
Experimental characterisation of diffuse multipath at 10.2 GHz using method of multiple windows
Perfect auto-associators Using RAM type nodes
Stabilisation of closed loop systems by time delays
Cross-phase modulation in semiconductor optical amplifier
Recursive state estimation for linear dynamic systems under algebraic constraints
Finding optimal module orientations in macrocell placement
Application of OSRC operator of third order to electromagnetic scattering from conducting or dielectric cylinder
Room-temperature CW operation of λ = 1.55 μm InGaAsP/InP ITG-DFB-BCRW lasers with contacted surface grating
Design and fabrication of monolithically integrated DFB laser-wavelength duplexer transceivers for TPON/BPON access links
Three-guide directional coupler as polarisation independent optical switch
Transmission and saturation performance of dispersion-shifted distributed erbium fibre
New uniplanar balun
Measurement of surface resistance of high-Tc superconductor by use of dielectric resonator
Semi-insulating layers in InP obtained by Co or Fe ion implantation
Current-mode cyclic ADC for low power and high speed applications
Capacity of cordless telephone systems with discontinuous transmission
Search for intrinsic three-phase resonator
Neural net nonlinear prediction for speech data
Median and mean filters produce similar shifts on curved boundaries
Fabrication of periodically reversed domain structure for SHG in LiNbO3, by direct electron beam lithography at room temperature
Ultrafast pipelined adders using RTTs
Filter characteristics of DBR amplifier with index and gain coupling
Using cold FET to check accuracy of microwave noise parameter test set
High sensitivity 10 Gbit/s optical receiver using two cascaded EDFA preamplifiers
Three-probe microstrip measuring system for S-parameter measurements
1.5 μm compressive-strained multiquantum-well waveguide detectors for coherent polarisation-diversified receivers
Decoding scheme for constant weight codes for optical and spread spectrum applications
Extended transconductance adjustment/linearisation technique
LINC transmitter
Ultrasonic powder-transportation using a pair of phase-shifted bending vibrators
Alternative computation of attenuation in microstrip
Selfguided beam interaction: method of invariants
1.3 μm InGaAsP ridge waveguide laser on GaAs and silicon substrates by thin-film transfer
Low-cost fibre optic tree couplers with applications to communication and sensing distribution networks
10 Gbit/s, 50 km dispersive fibre transmission experiment using strained multiquantum-well DFB laser diode
Efficient hardware decoding method for modified Huffman code
New channelised coplanar waveguide to rectangular waveguide post and slot couplers
All-optical pulse compression using amplifying Sagnac loop
Cryogenic operation of GaAs bipolar transistors with inverted base doping
Novel operation of ferrite loaded coaxial lines for pulse sharpening applications
10 Gbit/s MQW-DFB-SIBH lasers entirely grown by LPMOVPE
Performance characteristics of strained layer InGaAs/GaAs broad area and ridge waveguide lasers
Hybrid ARQ scheme using TCM and code combining
Reply: A step towards determining transient response of chiral materials: Kramers-Kronig relations for chiral parameters
Measured scattered signals at 4 GHz confirm strong specular reflections off buildings
Planar integration of joint transform correlators
Class AB switched-current memory for analogue sampled-data systems
Extremely reduced nonlinear K-factor in high-speed strained layer multiquantum well DFB lasers
Capacitive-access CAM cell and its read/write circuit implementation
5 Gbit/s soliton propagation over 350 km with large periodic dispersion coefficient perturbations using erbium doped fibre amplifier repeaters
Millimetre wave quasioptical power combiner
Optical-intensity dependent switching using soliton self-frequency shift
Unique laser diode module using short tapered hemispherical-end fibre for optical hybrid integration
Optical feedback receiver with sensitivity of −55.2 dBm at 8 Mbit/s
Passively mode-locked erbium-doped fibre laser with nonlinear fibre mirror
Phase dependent forward three wave amplification in photorefractive BSO
Erratum: Stability and convergence behaviour of second-order LMS Volterra filter

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