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Electronics Letters

Volume 26, Issue 9, 26 April 1990

Volume 26, Issue 9

26 April 1990

Switched-capacitor lowpass filters based on recursive running sum cells
ATM access through a passive optical network
Impedance of TEM cells with equipment under test
Effective mapping of continuous-time controllers to their discrete equivalents
Suppression of InP substrate degradation by hydrogen plasma caused by the presence of phosphorus vapour
2.488 Gbit/s transmission experiment at 1550 nm over 153 km standard single-mode fibre
600 μm/min laser-induced nonthermal etching of GaAs in an HF solution
Linewidth enhancement in distributed-feedback semiconductor lasers
Perturbation analysis of finlines containing anisotropic media
Towards a coherent optical free-space communication system
High performance single mode OTDR using coherent detection and fibre amplifiers
Motion compensated sequence coding using image pyramids
Integrated dielectric wavelength filters on InGaAs PIN photodetectors
High resolution laser LIDAR utilising two-section distributed feedback semiconductor laser as a coherent source
Tunable CW fibre Raman ring laser centred at 1.41 μm
Dependence of propagation loss of magnetostatic forward volume waves on device parameters
Novel pipelined serial/parallel multiplier
Reduction of internal current measurements within the failure bounds analogue diagnosis scheme
2.55 μm, 400 Mbit/s transmission experiment with single-mode fluoride optical fibre
Frequency-hopping radio filter design using the DSP16 processor
Error surface analysis of adaptive comb filter
Autocorrelation at 1.3–1.5 μm using POM crystal
Double-heterostructure AlGaAs/GaAs lasers grown on the mesas of trenched Si substrate by molecular beam epitaxy
Medium access control protocol for the integration of voice/data on a local area network
Comment: Slotted ALOHA radio networks with PSK modulation in Rayleigh fading channels
Reply: Slotted ALOHA radio networks with PSK modulation in Rayleigh fading channels
Balanced 3×3 port phase diversity receiver with reduced impact of thermal noise
Rain rate measurements in Indonesia
Simple method for calibration of stress-induced birefringence in fibres with arbitrary structures
CW diode-pumped operation of 1.97 μm thulium-doped fluorozirconate fibre laser
Delta doped tunnel diode: a new negative differential resistance device
9.5 GHz bandwidth HBT gain controllable amplifier IC with an amplitude detection circuit
Radio propagation over trapezoidal plateau with sloping front face
7203-user WDM broadcast network employing one erbium-doped fibre power amplifier
Calculation of phase shift sensitivity in polarimetric fibre sensors
Measurement and theory of mode hopping in external cavity lasers
AC Josephson effect in superconducting niobium nitride tunnel junctions at up to 2.5 THz
Noise behaviour of InAlAs/GaInAs MSM photodetectors
Fabrication and optical characterisation of first order DFB GaInP/AlGaInP laser structures at 639 nm

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