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Electronics Letters

Volume 26, Issue 4, 15 February 1990

Volume 26, Issue 4

15 February 1990

MESFET fabrication on MOCVD grown Hg1-xCdxTe
Observation of self-lensing in a 4BCMU-polydiacetylene thin-film waveguide
Aperture coupled microstrip antenna element design
Effects of etch depth and ion implantation on surface emitting microlasers
Conjugate gradient computation of the current distribution on a tripole FSS array element
Scan limitations of shaped dual-offset reflector antennas for multiple satellite access
Identification and localisation of gate oxide weaknesses in n-MOS transistors through Fowler-Nordheim tunnelling and SPICE simulation
Sidelobe suppression in an E-plane sectoral horn antenna
High-power single mode InGaAs/AlGaAs laser diodes at 910 nm
Comparison of three numerical treatments for the open-ended coaxial line sensor
High performance DFB-MQW lasers at 1.5 μm grown by GSMBE
Yield analysis of non-AR-coated DFB lasers with combined index and gain coupling
Detectivity of gallium arsenide on silicon substrate photoconductive detectors
Optimisation of UHF antennas
Widely tunable Y-coupled cavity integrated interferometric injection laser
Performance evaluation of multilevel polarisation shift keying modulation schemes
Estimation of instantaneous frequency using the discrete Wigner distribution
Single sided switching networks
Real-time prediction of attenuation for applications to fade countermeasures in satellite communications
Novel method for centre wavelength tuning of silica waveguide type Mach-Zehnder multi/demultiplexers
Parasitic insensitive single amplifier switched capacitor bandpass biquad
565 Mbit/s optical DPSK and PSK heterodyne transmission experiment using Nd:YAG lasers at 1.3 μm
Performance evaluation of polarisation shift keying modulation schemes
Two-dimensional modified Cauer form: circuit and state space realisation
Long wavelength infra-red photoconductive InAsSb detectors grown in Si wells by molecular beam epitaxy
Room temperature CW tunable green upconversion holmium fibre laser
Synthesis procedure for active integrated radiating elements
New generation MMIC amplifier using InGaAs/InAlAs HEMTs
40 GHz measurement on InP/air gap line by picosecond electro-optic sampling
242 nm continuous tuning from a GRIN-SC-MQW-BH InGaAsP laser in an extended cavity
Series impedance simulators using one CCII
Uniform frequency modulation responses in narrow linewidth (≤ 200 kHz) compact hybrid lasers

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