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Electronics Letters

Volume 26, Issue 3, 1 February 1990

Volume 26, Issue 3

1 February 1990

Potential use of optimal polarisations in sensing the canting angle distribution of raindrops
Noise performance comparison for third and fourth order cascaded sigma–delta modulators having parameter tolerance errors
Deep level transient spectroscopy of n-AlGaAs/GaAs high electron mobility transistors
Ultra high transconductance 0.25 μm gate MESFET with strained InGaAs buffer layer
Recovery effect in radiowave propagation
Analysis of the wavelength dependence of Raman backscatter in optical fibre thermometry
Phased array beam steering using phase-locked loops
Blue upconversion fluorozirconate fibre laser
Radiometric rain attenuation measurements at 11.6 GHz in Peru
Application of the method of lines to cylindrical inhomogeneous propagation structures
Room temperature negative differential resistance in the quasi-one-dimensional ballistic resistor
Approximate formulas for step discontinuities in circular waveguides
High sensitivity 5 Gbit/s optical receiver module using Si IC and GaInAs APD
Polarisation- and pattern-independent optical FSK heterodyne system using data-induced polarisation switching
Analogue MOS current-mode circuits for three-dimensional integrated smart image sensor
Dual-loop slot array antenna radiating circularly polarised wave
Electromagnetic scattering from nonspherical particles: a new polarisability model with application to agglomerating spheres
Improved ICMA/CD protocol in packet mobile radio networks
Electroabsorption by semiconductor microcrystallites in glass: observation of Franz-Keldysh oscillations
Fabrication of long lengths of low excess loss erbium-doped optical fibre
Femtosecond soliton amplification in erbium doped silica fibre
Fabrication of domain reversed gratings for SHG in LiNbO3 by electron beam bombardment
Submicron-gate ion-implanted In0.15Ga0.85As/GaAs MESFETs with graded indium composition
Gain limitation of fibre Raman amplifiers considering third Stokes wavelength generation
Epitaxial lift-off GaAs LEDs to Si for fabrication of opto-electronic integrated circuits
1.31–1.36µm optical amplification in Nd3+-doped fluorozirconate fibre
Compatible enhancement of terrestrial PAL TV transmission
High microwave performance ion-implanted GaAs MESFETs on InP substrates
Verification of waveguide type optical circulator operation
Design of IIR group delay equalisers
Short delay measurement by polarity cross correlation
AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors fabricated with various collector-carrier-concentrations
Atmospheric pressure, low temperature (<500°C) UV/ozone oxidation of silicon
Algorithm for prime length discrete cosine transforms
Interdiffusion of InGaAs/InP quantum wells by germanium ion implantation
Transconductance dependence on gate length for GaAs gate pseudomorphic and conventional SISFETs at 300 and 77 K
Short-wavelength (638 nm) room-temperature CW operation of InGaAlP laser diodes with quaternary active layer
Growth of high quality InP with metal organic molecular beam epitaxy
High-power CW operation of broad area InGaAlP visible light laser diodes
30 GHz picosecond pulse generation from actively mode-locked erbium-doped fibre laser
New electro-optic materials using guest-host systems
AGC based on hard detected FFH signal matrices
Erratum: Optimal property of class of finite-energy signals with application to estimation of duration, power and amplitude of transients

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