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Electronics Letters

Volume 26, Issue 22, 25 October 1990

Volume 26, Issue 22

25 October 1990

Monolithic integration of an InP/InGaAs four-channel transimpedance optical receiver array
Absolute phase of the radar target scattering matrix
Physical approach to CMOS module self-timing
Diode laser pumped Er3+ fibre laser operation between 2.7–2.8 μm
Effect of unequal rise and fall times on the autocorrelation function of a PN sequence
Boundary diffraction coefficients for calculating spurious beams produced by volume gratings
Enhanced relaxation oscillation frequency and reduced nonlinear K-factor in InGaAs/InGaAsP MQW λ/4-shifted DFB lasers
First-order, switched-capacitor, low-pass filter implemented with GaAs insulated-gate FET switches
Continuously tunable metal-clad ridge-waveguide distributed feedback laser diode
Rocking filter formation in photosensitive high birefringence optical fibres
Metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) photodetectors fabricated on MOCVD grown Hg1−xCdxTe
Computer design of broadband lumped component microwave phase shifter amplifiers
Generalised formula for optical-amplifier noise and its application to erbium-doped fibre amplifiers
Optical beam former for phased arrays with independent control of radiated frequency and phase
Passive integrated optical polarisation mode-slitter in lithium niobate employing a resonant metal-loaded structure
Wavelength demultiplexing heterojunction phototransistor
Phase modulation characteristics of 1.5 μm strained-layer multiple quantum well laser amplifiers
Resource allocation in broadband ISDNs
New multilevel complementary pairs of sequences
Multichannel FSK experiment using an optical amplifier repeater and wavelength tunable direct detection receiver
DC and RF performance of GaAs MESFET fabricated on silicon substrate using epitaxial lift-off technique
Dual excitation scheme for direct suppression of residual signal in fibre-optic magnetometers
Modelling and simulation of frequency selective fading using switched antenna diversity
140 Mbit/s and 560 Mbit/s FSK heterodyne polarisation diversity receiver using nearly perfect square law demodulators
Efficient up-conversion pumping at 800 nm of an erbium-doped fluoride fibre laser operating at 850 nm
Optimisation of refractive index profile for high gain fibre amplifiers
Optoelectronic switching in travelling-wave MSM photodetectors using photon energies below bandgap
Highly reproducible ridge waveguide multielectrode DFB lasers for optical communication systems
Use of Fourier descriptors for the estimation of general motion in image sequences
Application of Hartley transform to tracking moving objects in noisy environments
4 Gbit/s pin/HBT monolithic photoreceiver
39.5 million-way WDM broadcast network employing two stages of erbium-doped fibre amplifiers
Waiting time jitter results for a reduced complexity SONET interface circuit
Plane-polar near-field to far-field transformation with the near-field interpolation method
Attractive behaviours of NRD leaky wave antenna with tuning aperture
Comment: Exact computation of two port noise parameters
Reply: Exact computation of two-port noise parameters
Microstrip antennas with integrated fibre optic feeds
Thin wire dipoles—a finite-difference time-domain approach
Modelling DC characteristics of GaAs MESFET devices using a simple and accurate analytic tool
Error control strategies for cut-through switching network
40 Gbit/s optial time-division cell multiplexer for a photonic ATM switch
Application of the FD-TD method to the analysis of H-plane waveguide discontinuities
Carrier lifetime increase in silicon by gettering with a MeV-implanted carbon-rich layer
Temperature-stable VCO based on operational transconductance amplifiers
Approximate analysis of electromagnetically coupled microstrip dipoles
Comparison of NRZ and AMI coding schemes using three-electrode and conventional DFB laser transmitters in a 636 Mbit/s SF-FSK coherent system
Asymmetric resonant tunnelling diodes as microwave detectors
Elliptical microstrip antenna on ferrite substrate
Coding and interleaving for meteor-burst communications
Optical tap based on D-fibre
Glass waveguide laser operated around 1.3 μm
DC and microwave performance of OMVPE-grown AlInAs/InP HEMTs
Polarisation insensitive configuration of semiconductor laser amplifier
Polynomial transform fast Hartley transform
Asymmetric coplanar-strip transmission lines for MMIC and integrated optic applications
Helical antenna and spiral antenna with fast switch selection of the polarisation sense
Complex modes in lossless nonreciprocal finline
Microwave conductivity of optically excited gap in a semiconductor microstrip
Erratum: Optimum facet reflectivity for high speed lasers
Erratum: Modified configuration for a high-finesse compact loop resonator for semiconductor integrated optics
Erratum: Delay, linewidth and bandwidth limitations in optical phase-locked loop design
Erratum: Full-wave analysis of shielded coplanar waveguide short-end
Erratum: Parametric design features of twin-elliptical-core optical fibres
Erratum: Highperformance algorithmic switched-current memory cell
Erratum: GaAlAs window lasers emitting 500 mW CW in fundamental mode
Corrigendum: Analysis of stripline/slot transition

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