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Electronics Letters

Volume 26, Issue 21, 11 October 1990

Volume 26, Issue 21

11 October 1990

Polarity dependence of charge to breakdown and interface state generation of oxynitride gate dielectrics prepared by rapid thermal processing
High peak-to-valley current ratio AlGaAs/AlAs/GaAs double barrier resonant tunnelling diodes
Saturable absorption in a tapered single-mode optical fibre
Training binary node feedforward neural networks by back propagation of error
Basic performance of a direct conversion DECT receiver
Subharmonic injection locking phenomena in synchronous oscillators
Barrier height enhancement of InP Schottky junctions by treatment with photo-decomposed PH3
Speed limitations of multilayer digital packages
Heavily doped base GaInP/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistor grown by chemical beam epitaxy
High power operation of GaInAsP/GaInAs MQW ridge lasers emitting at 1.48 μm
Temperature dependent gain and noise characteristics of a 1480 nm-pumped erbium-doped fibre amplifier
Highly efficient optical fibre amplifier pumped by a 0.8 μm band laser diode
Lasing and amplification in the 0.8 μm region in thulium doped fluorozirconate fibres
Elimination of water peak in optical fibre taper components
GRINSCH GaAs/AlGaAs laser structures grown by OMVPE using a novel aluminium source
Simple derivation of adaptive algorithms for arbitrary filter structures
4.65 Gbit/s optical four-bit pattern matching using silica-based waveguide circuit
Attenuation characteristics of a circular chirowaveguide
Enhanced electro-optic polarisation rotation in AlGaAs/GaAs (111) quantum wells
Thermal dependence of HBT high-frequency performance
Novel algorithm networks for Clos-type networks
Synchronisation preamble design: new results
Calculation of third order intermodulation spectrum
Characterisation of electromagnetic fields in buildings
Very low threshold Sagnac switch incorporating an erbium doped fibre amplifier
Silicon-on-insulator thickness determination by parametric spectral estimation
Integration of detectors with GaInAsP/InP carrier depletion optical switches
Calculated chirp in intracavity loss modulated DFB lasers
Velocity field computation using neural networks
Attractor dimension, entropy and modelling of speech time series
Current-mode active compensation techniques
Characterisation of line drawings using generalised Fourier descriptors
Algorithm for computing two-dimensional discrete Hartley transform of size pn×pn
Time delay estimation with gradient type adaptive algorithm
Performance evaluation of high-speed concatenated codes of low complexity
Indoor wideband radiowave propagation measurements at 1.3 GHz and 4.0 GHz
High frequency gallium arsenide current mirror
Frequency multiplication using resonant tunnelling diode with output at submillimetre wavelengths
Simple method to extract gate voltage dependent source/drain resistance in MOSFETs
Single quantum well edge emitting broadband LED
Design of linear tunable CMOS differential transconductor cells
Novel robust sensor for surface edge location in robotic applications
Micro-optic adjustable coupler
New multifunction active filter configuration employing current conveyors
High power InGaAs/GaAs laser array
Phase lead compensator design
Highly-linear transconductor cell realised by double MOS transistor differential pairs
Cyclic quasi-resonant convertor: a new quasi-resonant DC/DC convertor with improved characteristics
Fabrication of sub-50 nm poly-Si/SiO2/Si narrow wires using electron beam lithography and CF4/O2 reactive ion etching
20 Gbit/s time-division multiplexer IC in silicon bipolar technology
Ion-implanted Nd:YAP planar waveguide laser
Extremely high-frequency (24 GHz) InGaAsP diode lasers with excellent modulation efficiency
Nd3+ fibre laser utilising intra-core Bragg reflectors
Corrigendum: Error probability of optical heterodyne MSK communication system with limiter–discriminator–integrator detector
Erratum: Nonlinear triple core couplers
Erratum: Integrated structure for generalised connection networks employing optical switches
Erratum: Heterostructure field effect transistor with doping dipole in charge control layer
Erratum: Performance analysis of the error monitoring methodologies recommended for SDH systems
Erratum: Methane/hydrogen metal organic reactive ion etching of GaInAsP compounds
Erratum: Asymptotic solution for line source radiation from a curved perfectly conducting wedge
Erratum: Frequency dependence of surface resistance of bulk high temperature superconductor

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