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Electronics Letters

Volume 26, Issue 20, 27 September 1990

Volume 26, Issue 20

27 September 1990

Multichannel reservation protocol for packet multiple-access communications
Growth of single crystal β-SiC films on a Si substrate by a direct carbonisation method
GPS relative navigation in rendezvous operations
Erbium-doped fibre amplifiers with an extremely high gain coefficient of 11.0 dB/mW
Crosstalk measurements for a dual emitter laser
High gain, broadband, 1.6 μm Er3+ doped silica fibre amplifier
Reducing the effect of pointing errors on the performance of an adaptive array
Practical reduction of dislocation density in SIMOX wafers
Temperature insensitive Er3+-doped optical fibre amplifiers
High frequency gallium arsenide four-quadrant analogue multiplier
Interpolative bandpass A/D conversion—experimental results
Waveguided electro-optical intensity modulation in a Si/GexSi1−x/Si heterojunction bipolar transistor
CSMA local radio networks with BPSK modulation in Rayleigh fading channels
High speed electron-beam testing of VLSI circuits by backscattered electron detection
5 Gbit/s, +10 dBm lossless transmission in 10 km distributed erbium fibre amplifier
Chirped grating λ/4-shifted distributed feedback laser with uniform longitudinal field distribution
Effect of enhancing the Raman gain factor on the linearity of Raman fibre amplifiers
Electronically-scanned white light interferometry with enhanced dynamic range
Optically-coupled mirror-quantum well InGaAs-GaAs light emitting diode
Hysteresis and multistable behaviour in a polarisation self-modulated external ring cavity semiconductor laser
Room temperature continuous wave operation of GaInP/AlInP visible-light laser with GaInP/AlInP superlattice confinement layer grown by gas source molecular beam epitaxy
Polarimetric optimisation based on the target covariance matrix
Experimental demonstration of a three channel WDM system over 110 km using superluminescent diodes
Programmable splice-free quasi-monolithic 2 Gbit/s optical fibre pulse code generator
Broadband tuning (170 nm) of InGaAs quantum well lasers
High-speed fully self-aligned single-crystal contacted silicon bipolar transistor
Corrugated dual feed for offset reflector antennas
Coherent subcarrier multiplexed star distribution system using single local oscillator
Formula for the steady-state gain of a recursive estimator
3.2 GHz, 0.2 μm gate CMOS 1/8 dynamic frequency divider
Some continuous multidestination ARQ schemes for high error rate conditions
Two-band IIR quadrature mirror filter design
Room temperature IR photodetector with electromagnetic carrier depletion
Matrix-addressed 4×4 spatial light modulator using the quantum confined Stark effect in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
Potential of the distributed amplifier as a photo-diode detector amplifier in high bit rate optical communication systems
Demonstration of digital pulse modulation of a grating-surface-emitting diode laser
Self-consistent simulation of a high-power 73 GHz integrated IMPATT oscillator
Training algorithms for backpropagation neural networks with optimal descent factor
Null steering in monopulse planar array using amplitude only control
Unidirectional-flow systolic array for linear discriminant function classifier
Optical travelling wave amplifiers with multi-section semiconductor-laser structures
Mean square convergence analysis of LMS algorithm
Novel multifunctional decoder for MLD codes
Bit stream adder for oversampling coded data
Diverse routing in wavelength selective networks
Novel voltage-controlled grounded resistor
Path loss and multipath delay statistics in four European cities for 900 MHz cellular and microcellular communications
Pbs/PbSrS multi-quantum well laser emitting in the mid-infrared wavelength region
Novel distributed-feedback resonant-periodic-gain structure for vertical-cavity surface-emitting semiconductor lasers
Differential current input cell with common mode feedback
Effect of varying threshold gain on second order intermodulation distortion in distributed feedback lasers
Cut-off of the first higher order modes in elliptical dielectric waveguide: an experimental approach
New model for time domain simulation of lossy coupled lines
High performance CMOS comparator for analogue-digital convertors
Continuous-wave high-power (75 mW) operation of a transverse-mode stabilised window-structure 680 nm AlGaInP visible laser diode
Extension of spectral domain approach to unilateral finlines with finite metallisation thickness and substrate supporting grooves
Improved Y–X junction laser array
Speaker adaptation using learning vector quantisation
Fault detection method using power supply spectrum analysis
4 Gbit/s, 233-km optical fibre transmission experiment using newly proposed direct-modulation PSK
Fast, efficient median filters with even length windows
Femtosecond fibre laser
Erratum: Dispersion characteristic of the double-sided slotline
Erratum: Soft-decision syndrome based node synchronisation
Erratum: Novel electronic scanner for coherence multiplexing in a quasi-distributed pressure sensor
Erratum: Frequency dependence of surface resistance of bulk high temperature superconductor
Erratum: Novel method for linearising the power response of optical time domain reflectometers
Erratum: 780 nm low threshold current laser fabricated by two-step, solid-phase Zn diffusion
Erratum: High speed opto-electronic neural network
Erratum: Characterisation of diode-pumped erbium-doped fluorozirconate fibre optical amplifier

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