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Electronics Letters

Volume 26, Issue 16, 2 August 1990

Volume 26, Issue 16

2 August 1990

Six-bit DPCM video signal processing and implementation using systolic arrays
Waiting time jitter reduction by fill locking
Improved feed-system for a printed antenna composed of strip dipoles and slots
Microwave power limiter based on high-Tc superconductive film
Improved InP/InGaAs/InP pin detector response using a transparent conductor contact
Minimal state space realisation of product factorable 2-D systems
Bit error probability of phase-coherent communication systems in the presence of noise and interference
Millimetre-wave second harmonic generation on a nonlinear transmission line
Skin effect losses of interconnect lines in frequency and time domain
Mode locking of a continuous wave neodymium doped fibre laser with a linear external cavity
Synthetis of single sets of 2n mutually orthogonal phase codes
Daugman's gabor transform as a simple generative back propagation network
Two-section distributed feedback lasers for incoherent frequency-shift-keying transmission systems
130 Mbit/s (H4 rate) HDTV codec based on the DCT algorithm
Low phase noise heterojunction bipolar transistor oscillator
Process dependence of interface state generation due to irradiation and hot carrier stress in rapid thermally nitrided thin gate oxides
Asymptotic solution for line source radiation from a curved perfectly conducting wedge
Open loop fibre optic gyroscope with phase shift nulling signal processing
Range determination in a multipath prone environment
Non-equally fractionally-spaced equalisers
Improved version of the inverse Chebyshev filter
Novel gate voltage ramping technique for the characterisation of metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitor charge trapping properties
Design criteria for video sampling rate conversion filters
Heterostructure bipolar transistor employing carbon-doped base grown with trimethyl-Ga and arsine
Optical domain frequency translation of a modulated optical carrier
Strained layer AlGaAs-GaAs-InGaAs real-space transferred electron devices
Calculating the upper and lower bounds on the capacity of two modified Hebbian trained Hopfield networks
New M-PSK trellis codes for fading channels
AMI-CPFSK heterodyne transmission experiment using a novel delay-line demodulation method
Efficient mode conversion in telecommunication fibre using externally written gratings
Microstrip balanced diode mixers for X-band frequencies
Optimum optical modulation index of laser transmitters in scm systems
Non-steady-state photovoltage in crystals with long photoconductivity relaxation times
New GaSb/AlSb/GaSb/AiSb/InAs/AiSb/InAs triple-barrier interband tunnelling diode
1.7 GHz propagation measurements for highway microcells
Simultaneous transmission and amplification of 622 Mbit/s, 10 FM NTSC video channels and 3 FM HDTV components using a high gain erbium doped fibre amplifier
Modelling of wideband proximity coupled microstrip array elements
Approximate analytical model for the poly-silicon thin film transistor
Self-routing fast packet switch with in-service modulator growth
High voltage microwave DC block for microstrip ground planes
Error correcting coding of a 220 Mbit/s coherent optical communication channel
FiEnd filters: passive multilayer thin-film optical filters deposited on fibre ends
Reliable 1.3 μm gain guided stripe lasers grown by MOCVD using ethyldimethylindium as the In source
Large bandwidth aperture-coupled microstrip antenna
New radiating edges coupling model for the gap between two rectangular microstrip patch antennas
Analogue computation using VLSI neural network devices
1.54 μm electroluminescence in MeV ion implanted Er-doped GaAs
Fine tuning of wavevector conservation in guided wave devices by photobleaching
Extension of the multiparabolic ionospheric model to the F1-layer L-condition
All-fibre optical hybrid for coherent polarisation diversity receivers
Performance of the leaky bucket policing mechanism for small bucket depths
Modelling of materials with electric and magnetic losses with the symmetrical condensed tlm method
High efficiency (1.2 mW/mA) top-surface-emitting GaAs quantum well lasers
Distortion minimisation in pulse width modulated systems using a digital sampling process
Role of satellite valleys in ionisation rate enhancement in multiple quantum well avalanche photodiodes
Extension of the Smith construction for self orthogonal array codes
Computation of Wigner-Ville distribution for complex data
Low-threshold monomode ion-exchanged waveguide lasers in neodymium-doped BK-7 glass
Determining the number of hidden nodes by progressive training
New zero-voltage-switching constant-frequency PWM DC/DC convertor with low switch stress and wide linearity
Fuzzy algorithm for error-correcting estimation of radar signals
Erratum: Improved convergence of iterative scheme for analysing arrays of finite size
Erratum: Measurement and theory of mode hopping in external cavity lasers
Erratum: Monolithic integration of an InGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs strained layer SQW LED and GaAs MESFET using epitaxial lift-off
Erratum: Analysis of arbitrarily shaped coax-fed microstrip antennas with thick substrates

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