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Electronics Letters

Volume 26, Issue 13, 21 June 1990

Volume 26, Issue 13

21 June 1990

Three phase high frequency DC-DC convertor
New waveguide-to-coplanar waveguide transition for centimetre and millimetre wave applications
Selective silicon epitaxial growth by LPCVD using silane
Demonstration of a 1×2 multichannel grating cavity laser for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) applications
LiNbO3 acoustic plate mode sensor for dilute ionic solutions
Photoluminescence spectroscopy measurement of elastic strain in heteroepitaxial GaAs films
New impedance transforming rat-race hybrid ring
636 nm room temperature CW operation by heterobarrier blocking structure InGaAlP laser diodes
Transmissive quasidistributed optical fibre sensing scheme for two-state sensors
CAD-oriented cavity model for rectangular patches
Evaluation of currents in the fA range
Anisotype, enhancement-mode, heterojunction gate field-effect transistors
SPICE simulation of quasi-resonant zero-current-switching DC-DC convertors
Enhancement of Faraday rotation in a fibre Fabry-Perot cavity
Iterative learning control of completely irregular plants with initial impulsive action
Simple extraction method for mobility parameters in Si-MOSFETs at 77 K
Selective plasma etching of Si from GaAs-on-Si wafers for microwave via-hole formation
Traffic levels supportable by telepoint systems using current cordless telephone technology
Recognising partially occluded objects by rigid body relaxation matching
Phase-locking of laser diodes
Crest factor minimisation in FDM PSK systems
Computational improvement in the calculation of the natural log of a square matrix
Two-dimensional electron gas base hot electron transistor
Outage probability analysis for microcell mobile radio systems with cochannel interferers in Rician/Rayleigh fading environment
Effect of n-type dopant species on the compensating effects of oxygen implantation in GaAs
Multichannel FSK transmission experiment at 565 Mbit/s using tunable three-electrode DFB laserss
Spectrum stability of a broadband 1060 nm Nd-doped fibre laser
Fabrication and properties of large core, high NA, high Nd3+ content multimode optical fibres for temperature sensor applications
Wavelength stability of Nd3+-doped fibre fluorescent sources
Buried rectangular GaInAs/InP corrugations of 70 nm pitch fabricated by OMVPE
Polarisation-maintaining fibre using a novel glass system
Simple multiplexer circuit for CMOS VLSI
CMOS triode transconductor with high dynamic range
New complementary pairs of sequences
Efficient CW operation of a 2.9 μm Ho3+-doped fluorozirconate fibre laser pumped at 640 nm
n-AlInAs/(InAs)3(GaAs)1 superlattice modulation-doped field effect transistor grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Directional-coupler-based planar concentrator networks
Implementation of integration of Walsh series by flowgraphs
Low-threshold GRIN-SCH AlGaInAs 1.55 μm quantum well buried ridge structure lasers grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Simple-iterative method for pattern synthesis using nonuniformly spaced arrays
Model minimisation for electron devices using simulated annealing in conjunction with parameter extraction
Solution of Poisson equation in p-AlyGa1−yAs/p-Al0.45Ga0.55As/n-GaAs structures
Analysis of coupling coefficient between two vertical cavity surface emitting lasers for two-dimensional phase-locked array
Digital signature scheme based on error-correcting codes
Carry-save adders for computing the product AB modulo N
Comparison of WDM coupler technologies for use in erbium doped fibre amplifier systems
DC B–H curve tracer with error correction and constant measuring and drawing speed using microcomputer
Erbium-doped fluoride fibre optical amplifier operating around 2.75 μm
Computation of the right-inverse of G(D) and the left-inverse of Ht(D)
Modulated QMF filter banks with perfect reconstruction
Two dimensional grating surface emitting laser arrays with wide lateral extent
Fuzzy intraframe smoothing of a noisy image
Optoelectronic synaptic connection circuit with variable analogue weights
Resonant frequency of wedge shaped microstrip antenna
Low voltage InGaAs/InP multiple quantum well reflective Fabry-Perot modulator
780 nm low threshold current laser fabricated by two-step, solid-phase Zn diffusion
Fundamental limitation on large-signal modulation of semiconductor lasers and its implications for lightwave transmission
Combined amplitude and polarisation shift keying optical coherent modulation
8 GHz full Nyquist HBT comparator
Robust blind deconvolution algorithm: variance approximation and series decoupling
Time-division 8:1 multiplexing and demultiplexing system adapting 7B1C code operating at 5 Gbit/s
Monolithic integration of an InGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs strained layer SQW LED and GaAs MESFET using epitaxial lift-off
Efficient Nd:MgO:LiNbO3 waveguide laser
Finite-element analysis of chirowaveguides
IR photodetector with exclusion effect and self-filtering n+ layer
Wide angular aperture acousto-optic configurations in biaxial crystals
1.53 μm DFB laser on semi-insulating InP substrate with very low threshold current
Design of a hybrid receiver for the olympus spacecraft beacons
Improved current mode control technique for quantum series resonant convertors
Temperature dependence of bending loss in monomode optical fibres
Time-resolved chirp in mode-locked semiconductor lasers
Surface emitting laser arrays with uniformly separated wavelengths
Superposition technique for the generalised stochastic Petri net modelling of degradable systems
Fast computational algorithm for transform coding
Packaged 2×2 array of InGaAs/InP multiple quantum well modulators grown by double-sided epitaxy
High gain Er3+ -doped fibre amplifier pumped by 820nm GaAlAs laser diodes
275 GHz 3-mask integrated GaAs sampling circuit
2-MOSFET transresistor with extremely low distortion for output reaching supply voltages
Transmission line model analysis of arbitrary shape symmetrical patch antenna coupled with a director
Rigorous closed-form expressions for the surface wave loss of printed antennas
Asymptotic method in prediction of E plane radiation pattern of rectangular microstrip patch antennas on finite ground
Low-phase-error offset-compensated switched-capacitor integrator

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