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Electronics Letters

Volume 26, Issue 12, 7 June 1990

Volume 26, Issue 12

7 June 1990

SC and pass transistor combined circuits
Microchannel plate intensifier response in transverse magnetic field
Investigation on spectral behaviour of novel direct coupling compound fibre ring resonator
Bandpass characteristics of split-modes in asymmetric ring resonators
Novel pressure sensors with multilayer SOI structures
High voltage floating gate array transistors
Kink-free AlInAs/GaInAs/InP HEMTs grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Contention-based reservation protocol in fibre optic local area network with passive star topology
Frequency dependent transmission characteristics of microstrip lines on the finite width substrate or near a substrate edge
Asymmetric gain induced by longitudinal spatial carrier burning in semiconductor lasers
Minimisation of MOSFET-C filter sensitivity by changing connections of capacitors
Tunable couplers fabricated in K+/Na+ ion exchanged glass
Power distribution in symmetric integrated optic X junction
Field test measurement for 128 kbit/s QPSK signal transmission and delay time spread in 1.5 GHz-band land mobile radio
Optical steering of dual band microwave phased array antenna using semiconductor laser switching
Signal extrapolation from Hartley transform magnitudes
Analysis of arbitrarily shaped coax-fed microstrip antennas with thick substrates
Inclusion of dispersive effects of microstrip lines in formulation using state-space approach of nonlinear microwave circuits
Resonant tunnelling structures with very thin contact layers using nonalloyed Ge/Pd contacts
Fully differential operational amplifiers using CMOS compatible ateral bipolar transistors with improved common-mode regulation
2.26 Gbit/s optical transmission system with 5B6B line coding
Architecture for high-order multidimensional convolution using polynomial transforms
Some improvements to conventional importance sampling techniques for coded systems using Viterbi decoding
Planar InP/InGaAs avalanche photodetector with integrated dielectric wavelength filter
Stable quarter-plane 2-D lattice filters
High performance submicron pseudo-MODFETs and 2:1 multiplexers using GaAs on InP heteroepitaxial technology
Neural network approach for the two-dimensional assignment problem
Effects of traffic and local movements on multipath characteristics of an indoor radio channel
Coarse-to-fine least squares stereo matching for 3-D reconstruction
Dispersion characteristic of the double-sided slotline
Single ended resonant power supply for induction heating
Autoregressive modelling of an indoor radio channel
Effect of initial conditions on limit cycle performance of second order sampled data sigma delta modulator
High saturation output power from a neodymium-doped fluoride fibre amplifier operating in the 1300 nm telecommunications window
Parameter estimation using cumulants
Beam-propagation analysis of bent step-index slab waveguides
High sensitivity, high gain, long wavelength OEIC receiver with monolithically integrated three-stage preamplifier
Ultra-low reflectivity broadband 1.5μm GaInAsP semiconductor optical amplifiers
Use of a fibre loop reflector as downstream receiver and upstream modulator in passive optical network
Erratum: Low threshold distributed Bragg reflector surface emitting laser diode with semiconductor air-bridge-supported top mirror
Erratum: Atmospheric pressure, low temperature (<500°C) UV/ozone oxidation of silicon

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