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Electronics Letters

Volume 26, Issue 11, 24 May 1990

Volume 26, Issue 11

24 May 1990

Characterisation of microstrip open-end with rectangular and trapezoidal cross-section
Quadrature phase sampling of a fibre interferometer by input-polarisation switching
Temperature dependence of electron saturation velocity in GaAs
Neural network for estimation of parameters of sinewave
Symbol synchronisation for binary baseband PAM operating at only one sample per symbol
Pressure measurement by GaAs piezoelectric sensors
New switched-current integrator
Broadband high-density WDM transmission using superluminescent diodes
Diffusion and oxide viscous flow mechanism in SDB process and silicon wafer rapid thermal bonding
10 GHz bandwidth, 20 dB gain low-noise direct-coupled amplifier ICs using Au/WSiN GaAs MESFET
Experimental verification of image detection in highly scattering media using antenna properties of optical heterodyne microscope scheme
HgCdTe sampling circuit
Metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector on p-type In0.53Ga0.47As
Improving the Hamming binary associative memory
Y branching silica waveguide 1×8 splitter module
Long-cavity, multi-electrode DFB lasers for coherent FSK systems
Top-surface-emitting GaAs four-quantum-well lasers emitting at 0.85 μm
Explicit finite difference beam propagation method: application to semiconductor rib waveguide Y-junction analysis
Effects on polarisation of inclined conducting strip located in front of radiating slot
Measurements of crosstalk between closely-packed lossy microstrips on silicon substrates
Simulation of EPROM programming characteristics
Exponential bidirectional associative memories
Filtering with the fast T transform
Low-distortion CMOS transconductor
Generalised formulas for beam squint prediction in conic-section reflector antennas
GaAs-AlGaAs HBT with carbon doped base layer grown by MOMBE
Very high amplitude, minimal chirp optical pulse generation at 1.55 μm using multicontact DFBs and an erbium doped fibre amplifier
Excess loss in practical depressed-cladding fibres
High power, high brightness 2 W (200 μm) and 3 W (500 μm) CW AlGaAs laser diode arrays with long lifetimes
All-fibre narrowband reflection gratings at 1500 nm
Modal noise power penalty in high speed short single-mode fibre interconnections
Novel low temperature RF plasma annealing using NH32 gas mixture
Superior microwave performance of InGaAs JFETs grown by MBE
Photocurrent saturation in short-period superlattice modulators
Noise reduction and deconvolution with sequency diversity
Transmission experiment at 5 Gbit/s using 1300 nm Fabry-Perot type LD and PIN PD
Axial dependence of χ(2) gratings in optical fibre: effect of the intensity-dependent detuning
External grating tunable MQW laser with wide tuning range of 240 nm
Fuzzy smoothing of HMM parameters in speech recognition
Latching type single-mode fibre switch
Highly tunable and efficient diode pumped operation of Tm3+ doped fibre lasers
Measurements of pulse propagation on unterminated lossy microstrips with small dimensions
Analysis of dispersion characteristics of cylindrical microstrip line with method of lines
Low noise balanced receiver for coherent transmission systems
Counter-based Hough transform
Generalised systolic ring serial floating point multiplier
Coax to-channelised coplanar waveguide in-phase n-way, radial power divider
High-sensitivity, high-speed InGaAs photoconductive detector
High power, 16 W, grating surface emitting laser with a superlattice substrate reflector
Full duplex coherent optical communication with one in-line polarisation controller
Effects of finite metallisation thickness and substrate supporting grooves on the characteristics of E plane strip in a finline
Day-to-day variation of HF signal strength and noise
Self-aligned 0.25μm W/Ti/Au gate process for high-performance pseudomorphic InAlAs/InGaAs HEMT
Performance of ECL-compatible 75Ω line driver/receiver realised in a 1.2μm CMOS technology
Carrier-induced refractive-index change, mode gain and spontaneous-emission factor in AlGaInP SQW-SCH laser diodes

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