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Electronics Letters

Volume 25, Issue 8, 13 April 1989

Volume 25, Issue 8

13 April 1989

Analysis of combined priority and bit-rate compression traffic access control strategy for integrated services networks
Mode-locking of diode laser-pumped Nd:YAG laser at 1.3μm
Experimental confirmation of laser amplifier intermodulation model
Mode field diameter measurement conditions in single-mode fibres
565 Mbit/s FSK direct detection system operating with four cascaded photonic amplifiers
Calculation of error probabilities for distance-invariant nonlinear error control codes
Photorefractive gratings in single-mode optical fibres
Improved sensitivity of 60 video channel FM-SCM receiver with semiconductor optical preamplifier
Partial response quadrature differential phase shift keying (PR-QDPSK): spectrally efficient linear modulation for personal communications
Influence of intensity-dependent fields on nonlinear couplers
94 GHz low-noise HEMT
Radome crosspolarisation on Intelsat standard ‘A’ communication satellite antennas
Random access optical heterodyne receiver for coherent FDM broadcasting systems
Comparison of sinusoidal and pulse modulation techniques for generating optical frequency reference combs
Minimum Euclidean distances of partial response multi-h phase-coded modulations with asymmetric modulation indices
0.15 μm GaAs MESFETs applied to ultrahigh-speed static frequency dividers
15 GHz static frequency-divider IC in silicon bipolar technology
Finite element/finite difference propagation algorithm for integrated optical device
GaInAs/AlGaInAs DH and MQW lasers with 1.5–1.7 μm lasing wavelengths grown by atmospheric pressure MOVPE
Resistive element using depletion mode MOSFETs
Near-field far-field predictions from single-intensity-planar-scan phase retrieval
Median LMS algorithm
Monolithic integration of fully ion-implanted lateral GaInAs pin detector/InP JFET amplifier for 1.3–1.55 μm optical receivers
Absorption and dispersion of low-loss dielectrics measured with microwave transient radiation
Novel content addressable memory
Adaptive nonlinear prediction of TV image sequences
Robust approximation of time series with Walsh functions
Harmonic balance model of laser diode
Digital circuit on x = 0.35 Hg1−xCdxTe
Learning by diffusion for multilayer perceptron
New CFE for system approximation
Fibre gyro experiment using fibre laser source
Novel silicon-on-insulator MOSFET for high-voltage integrated circuits
MOCVD growth of GaAs/AlGaAs wavelength resonant periodic gain vertical cavity surface-emitting laser
Novel polarisation-frequency conversion-type polarisation diversity optical receiver
Improved wideband −3 dB nonuniform directional coupler
Power added efficiency optimisation of microwave transistor amplifier
New intra-gate-offset high-voltage thin-film transistor with misalignment immunity
Sensitivity degradation of conventional and balanced 3×3 port phase diversity DPSK receivers due to thermal and local oscillator intensity noise
Effects of energy relaxation time on performance of AlGaAs/GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistor
Narrow linewidth tunable operation of Er3+-doped single-mode fibre laser
Nonlinear quantisation of spectral shape in sub-band coding
Acquisition problem of class of second-order digital phase-locked loops
Erratum: Throughput of nonpersistent inhibit sense multiple access with capture
Erratum: On the CNET: a rearrangeably nonblocking optical interconnection network

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