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Electronics Letters

Volume 25, Issue 3, 2 February 1989

Volume 25, Issue 3

2 February 1989

Chirosorb™ as an invisible medium
Second-harmonic generation of green light in periodically poled planar lithium niobate waveguide
Extremely narrow linewidth (~1 MHz) and high-power DFB lasers grown by MOVPE
Optical control of microwaves by LED-induced DBR structures in silicon coplanar waveguides
100dB optical path loss transmission system experiment employing two linear optoelectronic repeaters
‘Gain-weighted’ technique for directly measuring loop bandwidth of split-loop phase-locked loop
Nonlinear polarisation behaviour on circular core bimodal optical fibres
Access control module for local integrated optical network
Si/siGe heterojunction bipolar transistor with base doping highly exceeding emitter doping concentration
Design of bipolar reflectively tapped optical fibre transversal filter
Effects of diversity reception on BCH-coded QPSK cellular land mobile radio
Short-channel MOSFETs with oxynitride gate dielectrics fabricated using multiple rapid thermal processing
Fabrication of lateral planar InP/GaInAsP heterojunction bipolar transistor by selective area epitaxial growth
2·4 Gbit/s 100 km penalty-free conventional fibre transmission experiments using GaInAsP electroabsorption modulator
Time delay spread measurements at 850 MHz and 1.7 GHz inside a metropolitan office building
Tunable magnetostatic-wave oscillator employing a single GaAs MMIC chip
Neural network capacity using delta rule
Soliton amplification and transmission with Er3+-doped fibre repeater pumped by GaInAsP laser diode
8-bit optical D/A convertor
Continuous unlearning in neural networks
Bicameral neural network where information can be indexed
Hough transform using Cordic method
Second harmonic generation in GeO2 ridge waveguide
Neural network based approach to standard cell placement
New structure for digital switching network
Mode partition noise introduced by optical filtering
1 Gbit/s integrate-and-dump filter for digital communication systems
Combined transform of DCT-WHT with two-source decomposition of interframe prediction errors generated by motion-compensated coding
Evaluation of self-timed systems for VLSI
3.5 GHz bandwidth, 30 dB gain Si monolithic amplifier
Electromagnetic backscatter from open-ended circular cylinder with complex termination
1.3 μm distributed feedback laser diode with grating accurately controlled by new fabrication technique
Iterative computation of currents in frequency-selective surfaces of finite size
IC-compatible 45 mW Ka-band GaAs transferred-electron oscillator
Fibre-optic double ring resonator
Multipath propagation measurements on manufacturing floors at 910 MHz
Kinetic study of liquid phase epitaxial growth on profiled semiconductor substrates
Novel current-mode instrumentation amplifier
Novel electro-optic modulation effect at 10μm wavelength in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
Use of two-dimensional electron gas in optical information processing: proposal for integrated mirror optical switch
8 Gbit/s, 1.3 μm receiver using optical preamplifier
Laser amplifier control in 280 Mbit/s optical transmission system
Direct detection transmission experiments at 565 Mbit/s using cascaded inline optical amplifiers
Very fine corrugations formed on InP by wet chemical etching and electron beam lithography
Narrow-linewidth AlGaAs/GaAs multiple quantum well distributed feedback lasers
1.5 μm band travelling-wave semiconductor optical amplifiers with window facet structure
Record low-threshold, single-strained-quantum-well, graded-index, separate-confinement heterostructure laser
Material evolution and gradual degradation in semiconductor lasers and light emitting diodes

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