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Electronics Letters

Volume 25, Issue 24, 23 November 1989

Volume 25, Issue 24

23 November 1989

Damage-free reactive ion etching of GaAs FET gate recess
Abrupt p+ layers in GaAs by 200°C mercury implantation
Electric decoupling of reverse-biased optical DH modulators using delta doping
GaInAs/GaInAsP multiple-quantum-well integrated heterodyne receiver
Experimental determination of carrier-induced differential loss in 2-section GaInAsP/InP laser-waveguide
Proof of polarisation independence and nonexistence of crosspolar terms for targets presenting n-fold (n>2) rotational symmetry with special reference to frequency-selective surfaces
Role of coupling fluid in acoustic signature V(z)
Frequency stabilisation of FDM optical signals by time division multiplexing
Performance of LAN token passing protocol under asymmetric traffic loads
Using FHT to determine digital straight line chain codes
GaAs heterostructure FET frequency dividers fabricated with high-yield 0.5/μm direct-write trilevel-gate-resist
High-speed photodetector characterisation by delayed self-heterodyne method
Modal cutoffs in graded-core single-polarisation fibres
High-power 1.5μm all-MOVPE buried heterostructure graded index separate confinement multiple quantum well lasers
a-Si:H TFTs using low-temperature CVD of Si3H8
Experimental results of radio-frequency radiation measurements from cellular telephones
Analysis of drain breakdown voltage in SOI n-channel MOSFETs
Method of obtaining algorithms for nonblocking two-dimensional optical multistage interconnection networks
Pitch predictive vector quantisation of speech waveform
Use of implant isolation for fabrication of vertical cavity surface-emitting laser diodes
Frequency domain measurements of indoor radio channels
Realisation of 2D analogue filters
High-Q helical resonator for oscillators and filters in mobile communications systems
1.5 μm GaInAsP/InP distributed reflector (DR) laser with high-low reflection grating structure
Feasibility study on common polarisation control for coherent FDM transmission system
High-speed InP/GaInAs photodiode on sapphire substrate
New λ/4 phase-shift method by conversion of refractive index difference and application for 1.5 μm GaInAsP/InP DFB laser
46.5 dB gain in Er3+-doped fibre amplifier pumped by 1.48 μm GaInAsP laser diodes
Asymptotic surface field of slot antenna on coated cylindrical conductor
Periodic flux interruption and sustained two-dimensional growth for molecular beam epitaxy
Tunable CW lasing around 0.82, 1.48, 1.88 and 2.35 μm in thulium-doped fluorozirconate fibre
Efficient implementation of piecewise linear activation function for digital VLSI neural networks
Bit-serial modular multiplier
Lightwave CATV systems using frequency-modulated laser and interferometer
Two-dimensional analysis of microstrip resonator with dielectric protective layer radiating into human body
Self-photo-induced phase modulation in GaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum well waveguides
Calculation of number of relay hops required in randomly located radio network
Worst month prediction model for transhorizon microwave interference
New approach for Doppler ambiguities resolution in medium pulse repetition frequency radars
New CMOS OTA for fully integrated continuous-time circuit applications
Partially doped GaAs single-quantum-well FET

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