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Electronics Letters

Volume 25, Issue 21, 12 October 1989

Volume 25, Issue 21

12 October 1989

Improved performance by optimised planar doped barrier launcher in GaAs vertical FET with very short channel width
High-performance balanced dual-detector GaAs IC receiver for 565 Mbit/s optical heterodyne detection
Unbalanced dissimilar-fibre Mach-Zehnder interferometer: application as filter
Picosecond optical pulse generation from mode-locked phased laser diode array
Rectangular mode transformers in tapered single-mode fibres
Novel multioctave MMIC active isolator (1–20 GHz)
11.4 Gbit/s multiplexer IC employing submicron Si bipolar technology for use in future broadband telecommunications systems
High-order bidirectional associative memory
Bit error rate floors in coherent optical systems with delay demodulation
Novel hemispherical vertical cavity 1.3 μm surface-emitting laser on semi-insulating substrate
Optical set-reset operations of bistable laser diode with single-wavelength light
High-strength carbon-coated optical fibre
Novel semiconductor substrate for high-speed integrated circuit manufacture
2-bit, chained, probabilistic encryption scheme
Plasma-hydrogenated low-threshold wide-band 1.3 μm buried ridge structure laser
High-Q coplanar transmission line resonator of YBa2Cu3O7−x on LaAlO3
Incremental digital position encoder with error detection and correction
Space diversity improvement factors for overwater path in New Zealand
Disappearance of long-range ordering in Ga0.5In0.5P with tilting of substrate from (100) towards (511)A
Temperature sensitivity of seeded second-harmonic generation in germanosilicate optical fibres
Optical performance of integrated 1.5 μm grating wavelength-demultiplexer on InP-based waveguide
Novel GaAs/AlGaAs guided-wave analogue/digital convertor
Spectral linewidth of AlGaAs/GaAs surface-emitting laser
Quartz resonator as sensor for viscous/conductive liquids
500 mA AlGaAs/GaAs power heterojunction bipolar transistor
Reliable 1.5 μm buried heterostructure, separate confinement, multiple quantum well (BH-SC-MQW) lasers entirely grown by metalorganic vapour-phase epitaxy (MOVPE)
Experimental demonstration of wavelength routed optical networks over 52 km of monomode optical fibre
Performance of dual-channel R-VT-CSMA for packet voice/data in local area network
Asymmetric planar doped barrier diodes for mixer and detector applications
Wideband fibre-optic delay network for phased array antenna steering
High-density WDM systems using post-transmitter fibre Raman amplifier to relax Raman crosstalk limitation
SBS threshold dependence on line coding in phase-modulated coherent optical systems
Electrical studies of tellurium films
GaInAs camel transistors grown by MOCVD
DC–12·3 GHz broadband amplifier
7.7 Gbit/s benchtop regenerator
Improving code rate of McEliece's public-key cryptosystem
Comment: Biased model reduction by simplified Routh approximation method
Erratum: Adjustable bidirectional MOS current mirror/amplifier
Erratum: Method of regularisation for inverse of convolution of finite-length sequences
Erratum: Parameter evaluation of adapter from banana plugs to coaxial connector at MHz frequencies
Erratum: Novel approach to reduce number of op-amps in switched-capacitor filters

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