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Electronics Letters

Volume 24, Issue 8, 14 April 1988

Volume 24, Issue 8

14 April 1988

Multiple-grid frequency-selective surfaces as periodically loaded structures
IIR adaptive filtering via discrete Legendre functions
Electrical characterisation of Si-doped GaAs0.5Sb0.5 on InP grown by molecular beam epitaxy
High-speed 1.5μm self-aligned constricted mesa lasers grown entirely by MOCVD
Capacity of a neural network
High-speed front-illuminated GaInAsP/InP pin photodiode
Fused coupler switch using a thermo-optic cladding
Electrorefraction in GaInAs/InP multiple quantum well heterostructures
High-Tc superconducting short dipole antenna
Valley operator for extracting sketch features: DIP
Crosspolarisation characteristics of rectangular patch antennas
Heavy metal gettering in buried nitride silicon-on-insulator structures
Adaptive controller yielding fast convergence rate
High-speed operation of 1.5μm GaInAsP/InP optoelectronic integrated laser drivers
New representation of FDMA traffic and associated on-board routers
Performance analysis of ICMA/CD multiple-access for a packet mobile radio
Algorithmic analogue/digital convertor based on current mirrors
Fibre-optic interferometric sensor utilising low coherence length source: resolution enhancement
New error recovery strategy for 64 kbit/s video codecs
Crosstalk in a two-channel coherent fibre-optic ASK system using an optical amplifier and non-negligible linewidth lasers
Photorefractive two-wave mixing in GaAs using a diode-pumped Nd:YLF laser at 1.31 μm
All-single-mode-fibre interferometric polarisation beam splitter
Low-noise 0.78μm-band laser diode unit containing Faraday rotator
Automatic unit delay execution circuit for digital signal processing systems based on general-purpose microprocessors
Phase and logarithm of amplitude of a signal plus noise
LMS-based DHT analyser
Bit-serial realisations of maximum and minimum filters
Fibre transmission properties of optical pulses produced through direct phase modulation of DFB laser diode
Low-pressure photochemical vapour deposition of silicon dioxidel on InP substrates
Progressive half-toning of images
Hard horns improve cluster feeds of satellite antennas
Hierarchy of terms in a multipole expansion
High-fidelity music coding at 4 bits
Gigabit/s performance of quarter-wavelength shifted DFB laser
Switched-capacitor neural networks for linear programming
High-current pulse-doped GaInAs MESFET
Study on the recurrences of pseudorandom array
Modal field transforming quartz single-mode fibre
Multirate switched capacitor system approach to frequency division multiplexing
Tunable DBR laser with wide tuning range
Erratum: Phase-locked induction heating inverter employing power MOSFETs

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