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Electronics Letters

Volume 24, Issue 21, 13 October 1988

Volume 24, Issue 21

13 October 1988

Quantum confined Stark effect in GaInAs/InP single quantum wells grown by low pressure MOVPE
Generalised partitioned-charge-based bipolar transistor modelling methodology
High performance polarisation splitting fibre coupler
Temperature sensor based on a fibre-optic differential delay RF filter
Monte Carlo particle investigation of noise in short n+-n-n+ GaAs diodes
Radiowave propagation over a cliff edge
Optical 4-ary FSK modulation and demodulation experiment
Efficient CMOS counter circuits
WDM coherent star network with absolute frequency reference
New method of obtaining weight distribution of binary convolutional codes
New transverse-domain formation mechanism in a quarter-micrometre-gate HEMT
Analytical model of noise of a switched flip-flop
Characterisation of an optoelectronically pulsed broadband microwave antenna
New canonic variable frequency RC harmonic oscillator with two similar sections
Radiation pattern of square patch mounted diagonally on cylinder
Hydrogen permeation in optical fibres with hermetic carbon coatings
High-efficiency electroabsorption in quaternary AlGaInAs quantum-well optical modulators
Robot guidance using standard mark
Super low-noise HEMTs with a T-shaped WSix gate
Resonant leaky-wave coupling in linear arrays of antiguides
Correlation detection and trellis decoding of CPFSK signals
High-resolution, current-mode A/D convertors using active current mirrors
Irreducible error rate in aeronautical satellite channels
High-power, mode-locked Nd:fibre laser pumped by an injection-locked diode array
All polarisation maintaining fibre DPSK transmission system experiment
64-channel digital TV distribution system operating at 4.4 Gbit/s
Nonlinear, two-moded, single-fibre, interferometric switch
Strategies for combatting base station failure in highway microcellular clusters
Deep states associated with stacking faults in silicon
Propagation characteristic for a suspended substrate microstrip line with pedestal
Self-aligned bipolar transistor using double thermal oxidation
Optimisation considerations for measurement of weak thermal lensing in laser media
Active radiating element using FET source integrated with microstrip patch antenna
Integrated-optic rotating waveplate frequency shifter
Monolithic GaInAs/InP FET inverter amplifiers for long-wavelength OEICs
Erratum: Easy programming for fast computation of S-matrix sensitivities
Erratum: Modes of phase-locked diode-laser arrays of closely spaced antiguides
Erratum: Multibit oversampled Σ-Δ A/D convertor with digital error correction
Erratum: Analytical model for semiconductor laser amplifiers in coherent optical systems
Erratum: Continuous-wave operation of lateral current injection multiquantum-well laser

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