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Electronics Letters

Volume 24, Issue 20, 29 September 1988

Volume 24, Issue 20

29 September 1988

Construction of t-EC/AUED codes
Two-step purely thermal ion-exchange technique for single-mode waveguide devices in glass
−70dBm APD optical feedback receiver at 2.048 Mbit/s
Novel concept for highly reliable DC/DC convertors
Vibrating sample method for amplitude and phase measurements with the acoustic microscope
Novel quick-response, digital phase-locked loop
Simple S-parameter model for receiving antenna array
Suppression of drain-current overshoot in SOI-MOSFETs using an ultrathin SOI substrate
New field-effect transistor with quantum wire and modulation-doped heterostructures
Low-temperature gate dielectrics formed by plasma anodisation of silicon nitride
Molecular-beam growth of homoepitaxial InSb photovoltaic detectors
High-speed characteristics at high input optical power of GaInAsP electroabsorption modulators
Scaling ‘ballistic’ heterojunction bipolar transistors
1.3μm GaInAsP near-travelling-wave laser amplifiers made by combination of angled facets and antireflection coatings
Design equations to realise a broadband hybrid ring or a two-branch guide coupler of any coupling coefficient
Channel allocation and crosstalk penalty in coherent optical frequency division multiplexing systems
Multiprocessor multipath recursive filter structure with no increase in computational complexity
Moment method formulation for asymmetrically excited conducting bodies of revolution
Continuous-wave operation of lateral current injection multiquantum-well laser
1.2 Gbit/s, 52.5 km optical fibre transmission experiment using OEICs on GaAs-on-InP heterostructure
Switch minimisation for a simple bidirectional network
New digital phase-lock system for millimetre-wave Gunn oscillators used in radioastronomy
Studies of yttrium oxide films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Condition of modal analysis in time domain of lossy coupled lines
Evaluation of scalar products of repeated integrals by Routh algorithm
Extension of Maliuzhinets' solution to arbitrary permittivity and permeability of coatings on a perfectly conducting wedge
High-speed self-aligned InP/GaInAs double heterostructure bipolar transistor with high current-driving capability
Simulation performance evaluation of SRUC protocol
Wavelength discriminator method for measuring dynamic chirp in DFB lasers

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