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Electronics Letters

Volume 24, Issue 16, 4 August 1988

Volume 24, Issue 16

4 August 1988

Low-Threshold Patterned quantum well lasers grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Enhanced throughput in packet radio channels with shadowing
Miniature packaged external-cavity semiconductor laser with 50 GHz continuous electrical tuning range
Simple determination of coupling coefficient in DFB waveguide structures
Execution of the NEC2 electromagnetic moment method code on the Inmos T800 Transputer
High-temperature CW operation of planar buried-ridge structure lasers at λ = 1.5μm
Acknowledgment schemes for window flow control in a quasi-M/D/1 cut-through switching network
Gainas pin photodiode/GaAs preamplifier photoreceiver for gigabit-rate communications systems using flip-chip bonding techniques
Accurate two-dimensional approach for capacitance calculation in microcoplanar mes transmission lines
Low-loss bends in planar optical ridge waveguides
New sensitivity-enhancing scheme for a fibre-optic interferometer utilising two optical loops
Origin of residual semiconductor-laser linewidth in high-power limit
Frequency-locked diode laser for interferometric sensing systems
Resonant frequency analysis of dielectric ring resonators
Measurement of intermodulation products generated by structural components
Stray-free second-order circuit for correction of sample-and-hold amplitude distortion in switched-capacitor filters
Performance of shot-noise limited optical communications in presence of intersymbol interference
Electrical and microstructural characterisation of an ultrathin silicon interlayer used in a silicon dioxide/germanium-based MIS structure
Mode field radius definitions for arbitrary planar single-mode optical waveguides and their relations to splice loss and propagation constant
High reliability planar-type GaInAs/InP heterostructure avalanche photodiodes
Bistable operation of 0.8μm GaInAsP/AaAs lasers
Stability of differential multipass processes
Efficient power combining quasi-optic oscillator
Fused couplers function in a broad range of wavelength
Detectivity of high-gain GaAs photoconductive detectors
Capacitance of a small tubular antenna
CMOS compatible, self-biased bipolar transistor aimed at detecting maximum temperature in a silicon integrated circuit
Optical receiver with third-order capacitive current-current feedback
SC circuit for very large and accurate time constant integrators with low capacitance ratios
High-speed accurate CMOS comparator
High-performance MESFETs in MOCVD-grown gallium arsenide on silicon
Optical tristability including spectral bistability using an inhomogeneously excited multielectrode DFB LD
First SiC dynistor
Natural error coding for phonetically encoded speech messages
Ultra-thin-channelled GaAs MESFET with double-δ-doped layers
Interference and long-loop phase-lock receivers
GaAs MESFETs, ring oscillators and divide-by-2 integrated circuits fabricated on MBE grown GaAs on Si substrates
Characteristics of acoustic echo cancellers using sub-band sampling and decorrelation methods
Multiprocessor based system design
Modes of phase-locked diode-laser arrays of closely spaced antiguides
Error correction capabilities of BCH codes with interleaving in Rayleigh fading channel
1.5 μm multiple-quantum-well distributed feedback laser diodes grown on corrugated InP by MOVPE
Low-drive-voltage, low-loss AlGaAs/GaAs 2 × 2 switch
Frequency-locking of a 1.5μm DFB laser to an atomic krypton line using optogalvanic effect
Comparison of optical reflection tolerance between conventional and λ/4-shifted DFB lasers in a 2.4 Gbit/s system
Multibit oversampled Σ-Δ A/D convertor with digital error correction
Effect of channel spacing in an optical two-channel DPSK transmission system with optical amplifiers
Photochromic dynamics and nonlinear transmission at modulated CW blue/green wavelengths in germanosilicate optical fibres
Handling isochronous and non-isochronous traffic in local area networks

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