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Electronics Letters

Volume 24, Issue 15, 21 July 1988

Volume 24, Issue 15

21 July 1988

Laser cross-section and quantum yield of Er3+ at 2.7 μm in a ZrF4-based fluoride glass
Diffusion-induced disordering of Ga0.47In0.53As/InP multiple quantum wells with zinc
Starting phenomenon in negative resistance FET oscillators
Microstrip-to-waveguide large aperture coupler
Optical waveguide fabrication in neodymium-doped lithium niobate
Performance of a power group division scheme for ALOHA systems in a finite capture environment
Simple approach for generating active-compensated building blocks
Self-aligned flat-pack fibre-photodiode coupling
Spectral characteristics of a class of DC free error-correcting transmission codes
10.7 GHz frequency divider using double layer silicon bipolar process technology
Microwave-multiplexed wideband lightwave systems using optical amplifiers for subscriber distribution
Measurement of variation of multimode fibre bandwidth with wavelength in 850 nm region using mode-locked styryl-9 dye laser
Back-gated field effect in a double heterostructure modulation-doped field-effect transistor
Proposed prime number Hartley transform implementation using transversal filter type structures
Vertical cavity surface-emitting laser with an AlGaAs/AlAs Bragg reflector
Effect of cooling ambient on electrical activation of dopants in MOVPE of InP
Input-polarisation scanning technique for overcoming polarisation-induced signal fading in interferometric fibre sensors
Single-longitudinal-mode operation of DFB lasers in gain-switched operating conditions
Packet selective macroscopic diversity based on bus contention for local area radio networks
Continuous wave lasing at 2.7 μm in an erbium-doped fluorozirconate fibre
Investigation of influence of DX centres on HEMT operation at room temperature
Demodulation scheme for polarimetric optical fibre sensors using derivative technique
Average waiting time for mobile radio terminals accessing a batch-processing dispatcher by satellite
1.4 Gbit/s optical DPSK heterodyne transmission system experiment
Efficient N×N star coupler based on Fourier optics
Gate current and 2D electron concentration in HIGFET and SISFET
Bounded metric Viterbi decoding of trellis coded modulation in presence of intersymbol interference
Characteristics of two-electrode DFB lasers
Formation of submicron PMOS transistors by implantation into silicide
Compensation of nonlinearity in semiconductor optical amplifiers
Characterisation of double quantum well GaAs/AlGaAs diode lasers
Critical role of primitive polynomials in an LFSR based testing technique
Practical extension of Fiat-Shamir scheme
Erbium-doped GaAs light-emitting diode at 1.54 μm
Diffraction-coupled, phase-locked arrays of antiguided, quantum-well lasers grown by metalorganic chemical vapour deposition
Polarisation-independent optical switch with cascaded optical switch matrices
Breaking one public-key distribution system based on matrix ring
Achievement of 6 GHz wide, continuous and pure frequency tuning of 1.3 μm external cavity semiconductor laser and its application in high resolution spectral measurement
Displaced multilayer triangular elements widen antenna bandwidth
InP/Ga0.47In0.53As superlattice avalanche photodiode
Analysis of MMICs with finite strip thickness and conductivity
Exact calculation of partial-height waveguide Y-junction circulator using mode-matching technique
Robust rootmap calculation
Wavelength selection with nanosecond switching times using distributed-feedback laser amplifiers
Emitter-down, Schottky collector HJBT for very fast, high-density logic applications
MESFET large-signal model based on small-signal measurements for time-domain CAD
Phase-insensitive zero-IF coherent optical system using phase switching
Computing the envelope delay of ladder networks
70 GHz integrated silicon oscillator
Polarisation diversity receiver using a simple weight controller for coherent FSK communications
Photonic switching by tunnelling-assisted absorption modulation in a GaAs sawtooth structure
Switch-driver circuit suitable for high-order switched-capacitor filters implemented in GaAs

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