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Electronics Letters

Volume 24, Issue 10, 12 May 1988

Volume 24, Issue 10

12 May 1988

Novel optically excited resonant pressure sensor
Improved circuit implementation of adaptive phase comparators
Field experiments of narrowband digital FM transmissions with diversity reception at 1.45 GHz carrier frequency
Tuning ranges for 1.5 μm wavelength tunable DBR lasers
Random code chaining
Crosstalk characteristics of a 100 km-long spliced polarisation maintaining optical fibre
Polarisation fluctuations of optical fibre submarine cable in 6000 m deep sea trial
Simplified fast least-squares algorithms for speech predictors
Measurement of the statistics of DFB laser frequency fluctuations
Performance of PSK signal transmitted over satellite channel
GaAs/AlGaAs heterojunction Pnp bipolar transistors grown on (100) Si by molecular beam epitaxy
Photochromic behaviour of thulium-doped silica optical fibres
New ARQ transmission scheme involving zero-crossing channel evaluation
Some new approaches to improved low-loss SAW bandpass filters
Rearrangeably nonblocking 8 × 8 guided wave optical switch
Miniature fibre optic polariser
Impulse-doped GaAs power FETs for high efficiency operation
Electronically tunable external-cavity semiconductor laser
Self-reconfiguring interconnection network for a fault-tolerant mesh-connected array of processors
Efficient zero-phase constrained frequency-domain block LMS adaptive algorithm
Amplitude and phase modulation in a 4μm-thick GaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum well modulator
Real time parallel tomographic ultrasound imaging using transputers
Integrated-optical single-sideband Bragg modulator with tapered waveguides
All-fibre, diode-pumped recirculating-ring delay line
Very low threshold operation of 1.52 μm GaInAsP/InP DFB buried ridge structure laser diodes entirely grown by MOCVD
Simultaneous transmission of 2 Gbit/s digital data and ten FM-TV analogue signals over 16.5 km SM fibre
Dependence of spectral linewidth on cavity length and coupling coefficient in DFB laser
Eigenstate calculation of quantum well structures using finite elements
Summing networks using neural optimisation concept
Using simulated annealing to design digital transmission codes for analogue sources
Neural net based nonstandard A/D conversion
New integral transform between analogue and discrete systems
Fibre ring resonator with finesse of 1260
Beam converging laser diode by taper ridge waveguide
Direct synthesis approach for GIC digital filters
Phase-dominant spatial light modulators
Parallel processing in communication systems simulation
Optically pumped GaAs surface-emitting laser with integrated Bragg reflector
Current mode analogue circuit for implementing artificial neural networks
Hemispherical coverage antenna for spacecraft
Model of error generation in tamed frequency modulation
Polarisation-maintaining optical fibres with Al2O3 stress-applying parts
1.2 Gbit/s, 201 km optical DPSK heterodyne transmission experiment using a compact, stable external fibre cavity DFB laser module
Low threshold current GaInAs/AlInAs ridge mow lasers with InP cladding layers
Nonlinear interactions in optical amplifiers for multifrequency lightwave systems
Least-squares boundary residuals solution of microstrip step discontinuities
Polarisation phase-shift keying: a coherent transmission technique with differential heterodyne detection
Performance of mean-level detector in presence of multiple-tone interference plus noise
Sampling effects in square-law detected synthetic aperture radar
Mode-field radius of noncircular field single-mode fibre: new definition and application to calculation of splice loss and waveguide dispersion

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