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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 9, 23 April 1987

Volume 23, Issue 9

23 April 1987

New classes of complementary signals
Noise performance of Gbit/s tuned optical receivers
New simple feed network for an array module of four microstrip elements
Spectral, phase noise and phase modulation characteristics of AM sideband injection-locked semiconductor lasers
Effect of residual doping on optimum structure of multiquantum-well optical modulators
Novel fibre break locator for optical duplex transmission systems
New systolic array for realising second-order recursive digital filters
Methods for the connection of signalling units to switching networks
Analysis of the stability of the highest-order supermode in semiconductor laser arrays
Surface-acoustic-wave device incorporating conducting Langmuir-Blodgett films
Dual-gate silicon permeable-base transistors built on LPVPE-grown material
Single-mode-fibre passive components made in the fused-head-end technique
Role of Petermann's K-factor in semiconductor laser oscillators—a further note
Very low-loss GaInAs/InP optical waveguides for the 10.6μm wavelength
Ultrafast optical multi/demultiplexer utilising optical kerb effect in polarisation-maintaining single-mode fibres
New proposal for a multigigabit/s clock recovery IC based on a standard silicon bipolar technology
Cooling characteristics of diamond-shaped interrupted cooling fin for high-power LSI devices
Comment: Thermal model of laser diode arrays
Reply: Thermal model of laser diode arrays
CMOS logic cell switching speed thermal characterisation
Modified bit-level systolic inner product/convolver architecture with increased throughput
Role of source N+N- structure in parasitic bipolar action of lightly doped short-channel MOSFETs
Optical-fibre Fabry–Perot frequency discriminator for communications applications
Narrow-bandwidth optical waveguide transmission filters
Fast computation of discrete Hartley transform via Walsh–Hadamard transform
Gate current in 0.75μm N-channel MOSFETs with doubly diffused drain
Switching characteristics of a piezoelectrical actuated evanescent-wave directional coupler
Stable pulsations of semiconductor lasers by optoelectronic feedback with avalanche photodiodes
Guided-wave multi/demultiplexers with high stopband rejection
Performance of LMS algorithm as a function of input signal pole loci
Low-noise D-band IMPATT oscillators
Bist structure using multi-input shift register with initial value
Optical receiver with optical feedback
Erratum: Wavelength dependence of optical oxidation of silicon
Erratum: Taylor series approach to functional approximation for inversion of Laplace transforms
Erratum: Narrowband digital voice communications over a meteor burst channel
Addendum: Missing boundary conditions of electromagnetics

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