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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 8, 9 April 1987

Volume 23, Issue 8

9 April 1987

Local beam deflector interated in a diode laser cavity
Narrow, high-NA GaAs/GaAlAs optical waveguides with losses below 0.7±0.1 dB cm-1
Electromigration effects in power MESFET rectifying and ohmic contacts
Comparison of two statistical tests for keystream sequences
Performance of a GaAlAs laser diode used for multichannel video transmission employing multiplexed UHF subcarriers
Increasing the bandwidth of a microstrip antenna by proximity coupling
New high-resolution positive and negative photoresist method for λ/4-shifted DFB lasers
Low-threshold, high-power zero-order lateral-mode DQW-SCH metal-clad ridge waveguide (AlGa)As/GaAs lasers
Fields in a bent single-mode fibre
Gigabit optical transmitter GaAs MESFET IC
Geometrical design considerations for a tree-structured optical switch matrix
Four-port homodyne receiver for optical fibre communications comprising phase and polarisation diversities
Polarisation state stabilisation in optically nonlinear birefringent fibres
Heterostructure complementary technology
Selective formation of ohmic contacts to n-GaAs
Spice simulation of laser diode modules
Transverse junction buried heterostructure (TJ-BH) AlGaAs diode laser
Transmission at 1 Gbit/s over 7.4 km of single-mode fibre using an edge-emitting LED and PINFET receiver
Generation of a wide circularly polarised wave from a conical-helix antenna
Front-to-back ratio of a smooth metallic-wall conical horn
Tunable single-mode output of a multimode laser in a tunable fibre grating external cavity
Matrix approach for the coefficients of maximally flat FIR filter transfer functions expressed in powers of cos w
Linewidth reduction in DFB laser by detuning effect
MBE-grown AlGaAs/GaAs HBTs on InP substrate
Signal gain saturation in two-channel common amplification using a 1.5μm InGaAsP travelling-wave laser amplifier
10 GHz space power combiner with parasitic injection locking
Absolute-type shaft encoder using shift register sequences
1.3 μm 35 km fibre-optic microwave multicarrier transmission system for satellite Earth stations
GaAs monolithic microwave integrated circuit trimming using laser-direct-written tungsten microstrip lines
Over 720 Ghz (5. 8nm) frequency tuning by a 1.5 μm DBR laser with phase and Bragg wavelength control regions
Semiconductor-doped fibre waveguides exhibiting picosecond optical nonlinearity
Using oxide sidewall taper to improve breakdown voltage in planar junction of DMOS devices by a simple process
Probabilistic compaction algorithm for LSI cell layout design
Methods for fine-tuning the wavelength response of single-mode optical-fibre taper filters
New interpretation of structure of thermally grown silicon dioxide
Serial/parallel automultiplier
In0.53Ga0.47As PIN photodiode grown by MOVPE on a semi-insulating InP substrate for monolithic integration
0°-phase-shift, single-lobe operation from wide-waveguide interferometric (WWI) phase-locked arrays of InGaAsP/InP (λ = 1.3 μm) diode lasers
Analysis of threshold current density in 2.2 μm GaInAsSb/GaAlAsSb/GaSb DH lasers
Bistable optical switching and logic elements in photochromic fulgides with single-wavelength illumination
Heterodyne transmission of a 560 Mbit/s optical signal by means of polarisation shift keying
Generalised subcomplementary sets of sequences
Electro-optic effect in He+-implanted optical waveguides in LiNbO3
High-speed GaAs 4×4-bit parallel multiplier using super capacitor FET logic
Uncertainty in deriving phase information from far-field modulus only
Spike-free switched-capacitor circuits
Finite-element solution of arbitrarily nonlinear, graded-index slab waveguides

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