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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 5, 26 February 1987

Volume 23, Issue 5

26 February 1987

Stray-free first-order circuit for correction of sample-and-hold amplitude distortion in switched-capacitor filters
Anomalous oscillation in depletion-mode MOSFETs at low temperature
Planar TJS lasers fabricated in semi-insulating GaAs substrates for optoelectronic integrated circuits
New dynamic focusing scheme for ultrasound scanners
Fused couplers: condition for insensitivity to external refractive index
Acetylene black: a single-layer microwave absorber
Direct fibre-optic transmission of entire microwave satellite antenna signals
Radiation pattern of a stripline excited rectangular aperture
High-speed modulation characteristics of a GaSb/AlGaSb multiquantum-well laser diode
InGaAsP carrier injection modulator integrated with DFB LD
Static 7 GHz frequency divider IC based on a 2 μm Si bipolar technology
Low-threshold operation of 1.5μm buried-heterostructure DFB lasers grown entirely by low-pressure MOVPE
24 h frequency stabilisation of an SLM external-cavity semiconductor laser
Simultaneous amplification of wavelength-division-multiplexed signals by a highly efficient fibre Raman amplifier pumped by high-power semiconductor lasers
Birefringence and polarisation dispersion measurements in high-birefringence single-mode fibres
Aspheric double mirror systems
Light coupling from a semiconductor laser into a polarisation-maintaining single-mode fibre
Generating d-sequences
Low-noise LD module with an optical isolator using a highly bi-substituted garnet film
Complementary silicon MESFET technology
Simple and effective frequency stabilisation for HeNe lasers at 1.52μm
Optical time-division multiplexing and demultiplexing in a multigigabit/second fibre transmission system
Inner-stripe AlGaAs/GaAs laser diode by single-step molecular beam epitaxy
Improper decimation of m-sequences
SOI MOSFET in weak inversion and weak accumulation
High-contrast optoelectronic logic device using a waveguide multiple-quantum-well optical modulator
Simple technique for measurement of equalisation wavelength in single-mode optical fibres
5.2 dB noise figure in a 1.5 μm InGaAsP travelling-wave laser amplifier
Broadband 1.5μm GaInAsP travelling-wave laser amplifier with high-saturation output power
Comparative study of time efficiency of several algorithms for discrete W transform and discrete Hartley transform
Bandwidth allocation in buffer insertion rings
Sensitivity improvement in low-temperature operation of a baserband photoreceiver containing a TEGFET
Ion-implanted P-channel GaAs MESFET using Schottky barrier height tailoring
Resonant tunnelling gate field-effect transistor
Photothermal radiometric imaging of semiconductors
High-rate deposition of amorphous hydrogenated silicon: effect of plasma excitation frequency
Comment: Taylor series approach to functional approximation for inversion of Laplace transforms
Reply: Taylor series approach to functional approximation for inversion of Laplace transforms
Blue electroluminescence from ZnSe/Langmuir-Blodgett film MIS diodes
Dynamic spectral linewidth in InGaAsP multiquantum-well lasers grown by liquid-phase epitaxy
Optically strobed sample-and-hold circuit
Low-loss ridge optical waveguides in quarternary InGaAlAs/InP grown by MBE
16×8 space switch for 2.24 Gbit/s transmission
Polarisation discrimination in shaped beam applications
Embedded ADPCM with noise spectral shaping for packet voice transmission
Bandwidth of directonal-coupler wavelength filters made of dissimilar optical fibres
Deep levels in GaAs heteroepitaxial layers grown on (100) Ge substrates by MOCVD
Antiresonant reflecting optical waveguides for III-V integrated optics
Stabilisation of oscillation frequency of an AlGaAs/GaAs ridge waveguide distributed feedback laser
Simple JCCD logic at 20 MHz
Radiowave propagation into and within a building at 927 MHz
17 ps rise-time measurement by photoemission sampling
Erratum: Fibre couplers composed of unequal cores
Erratum: Novel trial field of single-mode graded-index fibres usable for non-Gaussian field distributions
Erratum: Novel finite-element formulation without any spurious solutions for dielectric waveguides
Erratum: Coupling efficiency and sensitivity of an LED to a single-mode fibre
Erratum: Low-loss antiresonant reflecting optical waveguide on Si substrate in visible-wavelength region
Erratum: New technique for analysing planar waveguides with finite metallisation thickness
Erratum: LED pulse distortion in single-mode fibres near the wavelength of zero dispersion

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