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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 25, 3 December 1987

Volume 23, Issue 25

3 December 1987

Optically excited resonant beam pressure sensor
Very low threshold current densities (under 100 A/cm2) in AlGaAs/GaAs single-quantum-well GRINSCH lasers grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Correlation-immunity of Boolean functions
New postdetection processing technique for frame synchronisers
Novel high-speed LED transmitter for single-mode fibre and wideband loop transmission systems
Constrained l2 suboptimal model reduction
AlGaAs/GaAs visible distributed feedback laser operating at 770 nm
Highly efficient linearly polarised Raman generation in a germania-core optical fibre
Outage probability calculations for a mobile radio system having two log-normal interferers
Langmuir-Blodgett deposited cadmium gate inverted InP-GaInAs modulation-doped field-effect transistors
Thermometry of impedances by correlation radiometry
GMSK frequency detection using decision feedback equalisation
1 Gbit/s automatic-power-control-free zero-bias modulation of very-low threshold MQW laser diodes
Influence of raypath parameters on digital radio outage
Equivalent circuit modelling and derivative characterisation of 1.3μm injection lasers
Hot electron degradation in the source of asymmetrical LDD structures
Depolarisation in Ti:LiNbO3 waveguides and its effect on circuit design
Performance of an 8×8 LiNbO3switch matrix as a gigahertz self-routing switching node
Multichannel intermodulation distortion in high-speed GaInAsP lasers
Threshold selection algorithm for extracting a uniform colour region in an image
MOVPE studies for the development of GaInAsP/InP lasers with semi-insulating InP blocking layers
Preservation of polarisation orthogonality through a linear optical system
Effect of the non-Lorentzian lineshape of semiconductor laser on a PSK coherent heterodyne optical receiver
Gunn diode oscillator constructed in nonradiative dielectric waveguide
Polarisation-diversity receiver for coherent FSK communications
Formulas for direct frequency modulation response of two-electrode diode lasers: proposals for improvement
Elimination of errors in absolute position encoders using m-sequences
Accurate prediction of radiation patterns of dielectric resonator antennas
Relationship between linewidth and chirp reductions in gain-detuned composite-cavity semiconductor lasers
Accuracy of standard patch antenna models
Phase-matched mode convertor in LiNbO3 using near-Z-axis propagation
Design of crystal oscillators with fundamental frequencies in the uhf and microwave regions
Considerations on group delay fitting equations for dispersion-shifted fibres
Polarisation-insensitive operation of coherent FSK transmission system using polarisation diversity
High-frequency acousto-optic deflector using ZnO thin films deposited on an amorphous substrate
Wavelength dependence of a D-fibre optical switch
Optical amplifier configurations with low polarisation sensitivity
Objective measurement of receiver sensitivity
New channel routing algorithm for bit-slice applications
Comparison of phase modulation of GaAs/AlGaAs double heterostructures
Intermodulation distortion in optical amplifiers from carrier-density modulation
Measurement of carrier-density mediated intermodulation distortion in an optical amplifier
High-power operation of long-cavity phase-locked laser arrays
Erratum: New analysis of LED to single-mode fibre coupling
Erratum: Finite-element solution of arbitrarily nonlinear, graded-index slab waveguides
Erratum: Open-cavity resonator as high-Q microstrip circuit element
Erratum: Analysis of a narrow slit in a parallel-plate transmission line: E-polarisation case
Erratum: Block-diagonal structure of Walsh-Hadamard/discrete cosine transform
Erratum: Differential phase error in pulse-width-modulated TV transmission systems
Erratum: CMOS circuits made in thin SIMOX films
Erratum: Resistance of Ti:LiNbO3 devices to ionising radiation

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