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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 24, 19 November 1987

Volume 23, Issue 24

19 November 1987

Novel process for integration of optoelectronic devices using reactive ion etching without chlorinated gas
GaInAs junction FET fully dry etched by metal organic reactive ion etching technique
Passive optical local networks for telephony applications and beyond
GaInAsP buried channel ea modulator for 13μm fibre links
Systolic array for all-nearest-neighbours problem
Novel fabrication method of quarter-wave-shifted gratings using ECR-CVD SiNx films
Electro-optic sampling measurement of coplanar waveguide (coupled slot line) modes
High-speed, polyimide-based semi-insulating planar buried heterostructures
Efficient digital receiver structure for trellis-coded signals transmitted through channels with intersymbol interference
WDM experiment using 1300/1500 nm dual-wavelength LED for single-mode fibre transmission systems
New four-quadrant CMOS analogue multiplier
16 Gbit/s fibre transmission experiment using optical time-division multiplexing
Room-temperature CW operation of MBE-grown GaInAs/AlInAs mow lasers in 1.5μm range
Performance characteristics of parallel resonant convertor
Novel all-electrical scheme for dynamic semiconductor laser-to-fibre coupling control
Existence of one-dimensional perfect binary arrays
Two-channel system demonstration of differential frequency-deviation multiplexing
Near-ambient-temperature bipolar transistor in cadmium mercury telluride
Single-mode operation of coplanar waveguides
Microwave amplifier based RF optical receivers
Novel feedline for linearly tapered slotline antenna (LTSA)
Vector-quantised transform coder for speech coding at 9-6 kbit/s and below
Improved postfiltering technique for block quantisation of speech
Mode charts of gyromagnetic planar ring resonators
Crosstalk penalty in a two-channel ASK heterodyne detection system with non-negligible laser line width
Observation of crosstalk due to four-wave mixing in a laser amplifier for FDM transmission
Wholly synthesised fluorine-doped silica optical fibres by sol-gel method
Bend losses of higher-order modes in dispersion-flattened multiple-clad optical fibres
OMCVD-grown InP/GaInAs heterojunction bipolar transistors
MOSFET model continuous from weak to strong inversion
State-space models using simplified Routh approximation method
Guided-wave GaAs/AlGaAs FET optical modulator based on free-carrier-induced bleaching
Reference template adaptation in speaker-independent isolated word speech recognition
Finite-element theory of nonlinear TM-polarised guided waves
Synchronous single-photon counting using an Si avalanche photodiode at room temperature
1 THz-bandwidth proper for high-speed devices and integrated circuits
Prediction of error due to distance in measurement or calculation of electromagnetic backscatter from a cylindrical body
Half-bit offset decision frequency detection of differentially encoded GMSK signals
Analogue circuits for variable-synapse electronic neural networks
New configuration of echo canceller adaptable during double talk
Selectively implanted buried oxide (SIBO) process for VLSI applications
Crosscorrelation pitch extraction method
ID-based cryptosystem using discrete logarithm problem
10 mW superfluorescent single-mode fibre source at 1060 nm
Growth and properties of an LiNbO3 film on sapphire with an LiNbO3 buffer layer
Clocking schemes for switched-capacitor FIR decimators
Kerr modulation of signals at 1.3 and 1.5 μm in polarisation-maintaining fibres pumped at 1.06 μm
Efficient technique for scale-space imaging of planar objects
Room-temperature continuous-wave operation of a 640 nm AlGaInP visible-light semiconductor laser
High-pressure thermal oxidation of gallium arsenide at 250°C
Determination of nondiagonal component n2B⟂ of nonlinear refractive index in polarisation-maintaining fibres utilising optical Kerr modulation scheme

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