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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 22, 22 October 1987

Volume 23, Issue 22

22 October 1987

Low-noise operation of buried channel MOS transistors
Systolic arrays for recursive digital filtering
Amplifier-induced crosstalk in multichannel coherent lightwave systems
Unified approach to determination of modes in cylindrical cavities axisymmetrically loaded with dielectrics
Family of reduced-order models for linear multivariable systems
Optical self-homodyne DPSK transmission at 1 and 2 Gbit/s over 86 km of fibre
Elimination of ambiguity in measurement of permittivity with short-circuited waveguide
Statistics of phase noise in single-mode semiconductor lasers: free-running, weak external feedback and injection-locking configurations
Pattern of radiation from dielectric tapers
Array two's-complement multiplier and square function
Fabrication of low-loss titanium-diffused LiNbO3 waveguides using a closed platinum crucible
One-step field-assisted ion exchange for fabrication of buried multimode optical strip waveguides
Binary frame synchronisation sequences for packet radio
New leaky-wave antenna for millimetre waves constructed from groove NRD waveguide
Low RI liquid crystals for integrated optics
Self longitudinal-mode stabilisation in GaAs/(AlGa)As quantum-well lasers
Polarisation-insensitive coherent receiver using a double balanced optical hybrid system
60-channel FM video subcarrier multiplexed optical communication system
Switched-capacitor biquad with low influence of finite gains
Mutual coupling in finite coplanar rectangular waveguide arrays
Dynamic polarisation fluctuation characteristics of optical fibre submarine cable coupling under periodic variable tension
Generation of new two-amplifier synthetic floating inductors
Data clock jitter in supersampling multiplex transmission
Spectral response measurements on polarisation splitting ratio of fused-taper single-mode fibre couplers
Fault-tolerant schemes for parallel architectures
Time-domain bandwidth measurements of step-index plastic optical fibres
Automatic channel selection using template correlation
Erratum: Generation of short pulses from CW light by influence of crossphase modulation (CPM) in optical fibres
Erratum: Tables of integrals: misprint in a convolution-type integral with Gauss-Laguerre functions

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