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Electronics Letters

Volume 23, Issue 21, 8 October 1987

Volume 23, Issue 21

8 October 1987

Theory of twin-core optical fibre frequency shifter
FDM-FSK star network with a tunable optical filter demultiplexer
Novel vertical Hall cells in standard bipolar technology
Analysis of a narrow slit in a parallel-plate transmission line: E-polarisation case
Optical homodyne receiver with a six-port fibre coupler
Behaviour of actively compensated bandpass filters at higher signal levels
Radiation from single-mode helical fibres
Interferometric fibre-optic sensor using a short-coherence-length source
Interferometric method for preventing mode-hopping in tunable external-cavity semiconductor lasers
Polarisation fluctuations in a 147 km undersea lightwave cable during installation
Optical time-division multiplexed transmission system experiment at 8 Gbit/s
Approach to performance optimisation in frequency-weighted memory network pattern classifiers
GaAs/AlGaAs rooftop reflector laser for optoelectronic integrated circuits
Optically induced modulation in FM sideband injection-locked laser diodes
Monolithically integrated optical gate 2 × 2 matrix switch using GaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum well structure
Block-diagonal structure of Walsh-Hadamard/discrete cosine transform
Reduction of high surge voltage on coiled optical fibre submarine cable
Novel current control method for PWM inverters
High-performance WN-gate MISFETs fabricated from MOVPE wafers
Brillouin scattering and phonon attenuation in halide glasses: stimulated Brillouin emission
Novel method for ultrahigh-frequency electro-optic time-domain reflectometry
Reconvergent fanout analysis and fault simulation complexity of combinational circuits
Differential phase error in pulse-width-modulated TV transmission systems
New mechanism for subsurface imaging in silicon
Performance of a channelled-substrate-planar high-power phase-locked array operating in the diffraction limit
New bending loss formula explaining bends on loss curve
Relaxing the detectability condition for the algebraic Riccati equation
High-performance millimetre-wave GaAs power MESFET prepared by gas source molecular beam epitaxy
Dispersion characteristics of microstrip lines in the vicinity of a coplanar ground
450 Hz relative frequency stability in an AlGaAs diode laser
Optically biased LiNbO3 Δβ reversal directional coupler switch
Frequency stabilisation of a modulated semiconductor laser
Alternative to split-radix Hartley transform
Resonant frequency of electrically thick rectangular microstrip antennas
Interferometric conversion of laser phase noise to intensity noise by single-mode fibre-optic components
Novel microstrip transformer for superconducting microelectronics
High-temperature metallisation systems for transient annealing GaAs
Optoelectronic millimetre-wave switching using a finline-on-silicon substrate
Miniature integrated optical beam-splitter in AlGaAs/GaAs ridge waveguides
Maximisation of normalised boresight slope of a difference array of discrete elements
Six-port reflectometer
Optical frequency stabilisation and line width reduction of a multielectrode DFB laser with current feedback
CMOS circuits made in thin SIMOX films
3 μm VLSI processing element using the CORDIC algorithm
Improved method for resonant-frequency perturbation measurements
Low-drive-voltage and low-loss polarisation-independent LiNbO3 optical waveguide switches
Mutual coupling in a finite planar array of rectangular apertures

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